Sunday, June 29, 2008

up and at 'em- what hour is this?

up and at 'em- what hour is this?
Hey all!! No worries, I am actually posing in this picture to look tired, ha! This my picture for Eva's mini-challenge

I am back to reading now, it is only 6 am here...and we have 3 hours left in this thing!!!! (I do have church this morning to get too...)

Off to reading!!!


Nymeth said...

Welcome back and happy reading :)

Trish said...

You crack me up!! Thanks for the laugh--I needed it! Glad you're back with us.

Eva said...

hehe! so funny!! I have a nose piercing too. :D Mine's a stud, though.

Anonymous said...

LOL!!!! Congratulations on your read-a-thon. That's quite an accomplishment. I'm looking forward to the reviews as they come in.