Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Short History of Tractors In Ukrainian

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Title: A Short History of Tractors In Ukrainian
Author: Marina Lewycka
Pages: 326
Yearly Count: 34

When coercion, manipulation and big boobs capture the attention of their ailing father, sisters Vera and Nadia try to rescue him from his doomed fate. Nevertheless, he is in love, and belives Valentina can do no wrong. Soon everyone will be aware of how deep her claws can dig in and refuse to let go. The History of Tractors In Ukrainian is a delightful and deep read all in one. I was stunned by the writing , which was bright and original. The matter of the elderly and how to care for them, and respect their wishes while still protecting them from harm is not something I had ever read about.

To me this book is a good read, seemingly light as it is packed with laughs and interesting situations, however the subject matter is deep and gives the book a great balance. I fell right into this one, and in the end pages when coming up again to my real world realized just how much I enjoyed it, as now I am sorry to close the book and say goodbye. It is an endearing read, and it took me somewhere I have never been before. I highly recommend this read- great summer not-to-heavy, not-to-light pick!

I can't wait to read something else she has written :) I found it very interesting that before writing novels she wrote informative non-fiction help books for caring for the elderly. To me she seems to be laughing in the face of society and saying- wake up! Take care of your elderly, treat them right, respect them and never let them be taken advantage of! Youth is fleeting and not to be eternally preserved, you too will grow old. - but maybe that is just my take on things.

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Have you reviewed this book? if you give me your link I will put it here on my post :)


Debi said...

Thanks Bethany! You know I've read a couple of reviews of this one, and could never quite decide if it was a book I'd enjoy or not. But your review cinched's definitely going on the old wish list!

Myrthe said...

Bethany, Lewycka has another book out, also about Eastern-European immigrants to the UK. I can't remember its title, but it came out fairly recently, in 2007 or 2008. I haven't read it yet, but have it on my wishlist because I loved A Short History so much.

Anna said...

I agree with Debi. Thanks for the great review.

bethany said...

debi- I am glad, I really hope you enjoy it if you do read it, I did.

myrthe- Is it the Caravans one? I have seen that one several different places. Did you review A Short History?? I'd love to link to you!

anna-oh, you guys are very sweet...thanks so much!

Tricia said...

I reviewed it! :)

bethany said...

tricia- thanks so much for your link, it is up and running!! Great review by the way :)