Sunday, June 29, 2008

SUNDAY SALON- what have i done!? image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
I did a read-a-thon, many of us did...and that is why you were bombarded with junk posts if you are subscribed to my feed I do apologize...not too cool:) anyway, yes we read....and read, and blogged and read...I didn't win ANY prizes, and I am a bit bitter, but I think that is due to lack of sleep and too much matte this morning!! I will have tons of reviews up soon NOT TODAY! again, sorry about the amount of spam posts generated by this, but maybe you'll see how fun it was and want to join next time. it rocked yo! :)
my stats:

books completed:

The Wishing Year
A Bottle in the Gaza Sea
BELONGING: New Poetry from Iranians Around the World
( I started Society of S, and Shopaholic Takes Manhattan as well)

Number of books read since you started:3.5 books, one comic,many blogs

Total pages:701

Hours Spent Sleeping: 4hours

Running total of time spent reading during the read-a-thon:11.5hours

my progression in images of the read-a-thon!!


I will admit this last one is a tad bit staged, if I were that tired I would not be sitting up!!:)

So that is my sunday salon post, I would write more, but I need a nap. I haven't gotten to recover yet, since we had church this morning, and a church picnic as well. NAPTIME!!


MamaP said...

you are so crazy! I don't know how you manage this with so little sleep, but I'm preggo so what an I say. Good Job! Our church had a picnic today too.

alisonwonderland said...

i love the photos! wasn't the read-a-thon fun?!

Anonymous said...

Excellent photos!! That was fun you stayed up longer than me. Get some sleep:)

Myrthe said...

Well done, Bethany! The pictures are great!

Iliana said...

Ha, these are great! I'm a bit bitter that I didn't have time to participate this time :)
Well, maybe next time I'll get to join in on the fun and you'll win some prizes - how's that!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on all your reading!! I wish I had the time for a read-a-thon lol. Love your last photo :)

bethany said...

mamap- yes.seriously insane.

alisonwonderland- ha, thanks. YES SO FUN!!

bookroomviews- thanks,i can't wait until we do this again..well, I think I can, I am still sleepy!!

myrthe- thanks so much!

iliana- that sounds perfect!!

kbookreviews- yes, was a great treat to participate!

Karen Harrington said...

Great pics and post! Hope you are napping now.