Saturday, June 28, 2008

hour 5 update read-a-thon

I just finished my second book during the read-a-thon!! (I only had 100 pages left of my first, and this book was a book of poetry...but still!) YAY!

Title of book(s) read this hour: BeLonging: New Poetry by Iranians Around the World
Number of books read since you started:2 books, one comic, some blogs
Pages read:104
Running total of pages read since you started:356
Amount of time spent reading:45 min
Running total of time spent reading since you started:3.5 hours
Mini-challenge this hour: ?
Other participants visited: several :)
Prize you’ve won: none (but hopeful!!!:)


Eva said...


Nymeth said...

Two books finished! Go Bethany :)

Dewey said...

Isn't it great getting that sense of accomplishment early on? I'm glad you chose a book of poetry to start with. And that looks like a really interesting book of poetry, too.

Trish said...

Awesome!!! Those covers are beautiful and the one about Iranians around the world sounds fascinating.

C. B. James said...

Hope you're having fun, too.

I'm hosting a book giveaway just for Read-a-thon participants. Check my blog to enter. It's open until Wednesday.

Keep reading!

Debi said...

Just look at you go!

I have no idea what The Wishing Year is about, but gosh, do I love that cover!