Thursday, April 2, 2009

poem.2 espera

Se que cuando me calle
tu hablarás
y que cuando hables
la voz que emitirás
será dulce y fuerte
humilde y valiente
a la misma vez

Se que cuando me mires
yo me callaré
y que cuando sienta tu mirada
no oiré nada más
el suspirar de tu aliento
el aire en tu movimiento

Se que cuando te oiga
sentiré porque late tu corazón
te escucharé
tus sufrimientos
tu realidad
y el mio
se harán el mismo

Se que me explicarás
toda pregunta
y que contestarás
toda duda
entonces me daré cuenta
de que en realidad la espera
ha sido tuya y no mía

napowrimo #2 (English 1, Spanish 1)
espera: I wrote this one in Spanish, poetry sounds better in Spanish to me most of the time anyway. Some of you can read it, I hope you'll enjoy! :)

PS. What is this all about? National Poetry Writing Month. I will be participating. I have neglected writing poetry for years now and I want to try to do the NaPoWriMo- a poem a day every day for 30 days. If I miss I won't squirm though, I'll just write two the next day. I hope you enjoy it, and let me know if you are doing this too and we can spur each other on in love and encouragement. Oh, these are all completely rough drafts...but I have nothing to hide, why hide?

Some great poetry links:
Poems Out Loud (an amazing site)


Wayne Pitchko said...

My spanish not to good...after falling in love with cuba and keep going back...and trying to comunicate with friends i have down there...but at my age dam learning anything is hard...but I will translate this and get back to you...spanish is lovely for sure...Ive been reading some poetry by Marti the great cuban poet...but it is slow reading and translating.....keep writing

Ali said...

No time to translate the Spanish right now but I'll give it a try later (I get the gist, I think...what's duda?). I'm not writing a poem a day, but I did post a few on my personal blog:

bethany said...

wayne- I hope you like it when you get through! Let me know. I can't wait to hear back.

Ali- 'duda' is doubt. I'll go check out your poetry!!

Thanks to you both for stopping in!

Serena said...

my Spanish is really rusty. I'd need a translation, but I hope to see more of your poetry throughout the month.

bethany said...

serena- I will do at least half of my poems throughout the month in English, promise. I hope you enjoy them. :)

DLG (Daddy's Little Girl) said...

Bethany! I wish I could read Spanish, or hear the rhythm of this poem aloud. Is "espera" Spanish for hope?

My 4/2/09 poem is here:

This is fun; thanks for inspiring me to participate!

Ali said...

How close is this?

Whenever I am silent you will speak
and when you speak, the voice that emerges will be sweet and strong
humble and brave at the same time

Whenever you watch me I will be silent.
And in your look I will hear nothing more, only the sighing of your breath,
the air in your movement.

Whenever I hear you, I will listen to you because your heart beats.
Your sufferings, your reality and mine,
will become the same

If you explain it all and answer all doubt,
then I will realize that in reality the hope has been yours and not mine

farmlanebooks said...

I'm afraid I don't know any Spanish, but it is great you are able to write poetry in another language. I'm feeling inadequate at my lack of language skills now.

I really enjoy reading your blog, so I've given you an award:

Anonymous said...

Muy bonita ;) Me gusta.

Quiero hacer NaPoWriMo, y estoy en una clase de escritura este semestre, pero no escribimos un poema cada día... y cuando escribo, siempre trato de añadir al poema después de completerlo. Bueno, quizá podemos compartir nuestros poemas? No estoy segura si voy a escribir en español. Estoy de acuerdo que los poemas en español suena más fluida. ¡También siempre quiero hablar (pues, escribir) con una persona que habla español!

Y la traducción por Ali es impresiva, muy linda.

bethany said...

DLG- I have to come check yours out!! :) I am glad you are enjoying this too, it is so much more fun to work with someone.

Oh, 'espera' is wait.

Ali- that is an AMAZINGLY good job, only a couple of words are a little different. I guess I will need to post up the translation now, huh!? I'll do that today in a bit. Right now I need to get cracking on today's poem! I am so glad you translated it :) That is too cool!!

You are really good!!

farmlanebooks- awe, thanks!! I am completely flattered :) I promise to post at leas half of my poems in English- and maybe even translate most of those in Spanish.

regularrumination- ¡gracias por escribirme en castellano! Me ilusiona un montón cada vez que tengo la oportunidad de escribir or leer en castellano :). Que bien que estés en una clase de escritura. Puedes hacer NaPoWriMo en ingles y incluir poemas en castellano así no es tanto. Podrías empezar ahora, solo tendrías que escribir 4 poemas y estarías aquí junto a todos.¡Avísame si decides de que lo vas a hacer!

Si, la traducción de Ali es impresionante, me asombra :)

Richard said...


bethany said...

richard- ¡Muchísimas gracias! :P

Anonymous said...

Impresionante -- un poema hermoso. Tú has expresado muy bien cuál es esperar en el señor -- y cómo es un regalo a nosotros. Qué padre descubrir a otro blogger bilingüe. Es muy raro que -- ¿quizá solamente una vez? – yo comparto algo en español en mi blog, pero me gusta muchísimo leerlo.

Also, I just dig your blog in general. I'm also 28, also in love with Jesus, also have a "B" name and several of my friends call me Bethany. (Similarities stop there, but it's enough that I will definitely be back to keep reading!)