Saturday, April 4, 2009

poem.4 lo feo de la noche

grito pero el silencio me secuestra
lloro y mi garganta se encoge
corro pero no existe movimiento
doy puñetazos y pataleo golpeando al aire

todo me rodea
tristeza por lo que ni siquiera entiendo
mi vida se pasea como engaño ante mi

gato dormido
perro tranquilo
fuego abierto

que feas son las pesadillas

ugly night (translation of my poem 'lo feo de la noche')

silence kidnaps my screams
my throat shrinks as I cry out
there is no movement when I run
punching and kicking the air

everything surrounds me
sadness for what I don't understand
my life struts before me like a tease

sleeping cat
calm dog
an open fire

bad dreams are so ugly

napowrimo #3 (English 2, Spanish 2)

PS. What is this all about? National Poetry Writing Month. I will be participating. I have neglected writing poetry for years now and I want to try to do the NaPoWriMo- a poem a day every day for 30 days. If I miss I won't squirm though, I'll just write two the next day. I hope you enjoy it, and let me know if you are doing this too and we can spur each other on in love and encouragement. Oh, these are all completely rough drafts...but I have nothing to hide, why hide?


Trish said...

I've enjoyed reading your poems, Bethany. I used to write but haven't in a while. I bet it has been 7 years! Maybe I should go dig out my old poetry journal.

Serena said...

I love this poem and thanks for the translation.

Wayne Pitchko said...

nice poem...still using my spanish dictionary

DLG (Daddy's Little Girl) said...

Love this poem. So happy you're writing in Spanish, even if I need a translation to understand.

New poem for today:

S. Krishna said...

Congratulations, Bethany! Phyllis Schieber wants to send you a copy of Willing Spirits for your comment on my review. Can you e-mail me your mailing address? skrishna [at] skrishnasbooks [dot] com

bethany said...

trish- Oh, thanks! You really should bust that out and post some, I would love to read :)

serena- glad you like it, and no problem...I figured that would help everyone :)

wayne- Great work!! I switched things up a little in the translation, I guess I wanted it to sound pretty even if it wasn't exactly the way it was in the original.

DLG-THANKS! I am loving writing in the two languages, although it is more work to write in Spanish and then write a good translation. Some things just don't sound as good! It is good for me though :)

I'll come visit!

s.krishna- Oh, girl I am on that! Emailing you NOW.

Richard said...

"It is more work to write in Spanish and then write a good translation."

Bethany, you said it! I have enough trouble putting something into prose in Spanish and then trying to say the same thing in English...never mind poetry. You are very brave.