Friday, April 3, 2009

poem.3 the beauty of blank

to fill it just because it is empty
to admire it only because it is full
to see him only when he is worthy
oh, if my eyes could really see

the words are deeper than their letters
lips say more than just their movement
breath comes to all the living
who am I to classify?

I will leave blank what should be
because letting go is
so often is harder
than filling a page in
to giving meaning is
covering over the silence

in silence lies
the beauty
the pain
the shame
the joy
the guilt
who am I to give it a name?

I cannot explain silence
nor can I master it
the careless words from my tongue
are just an imitation of the reality
but only the reality that I perceive

but to fill the silence
just because it is empty
to love because it is full
is changing things to benefit me
making others into
what I would like to see

blank is beautiful

napowrimo #3 (English 2, Spanish 1)
the beauty of blank: my grandmother couldn't handle silence, quiet, or anything that wasn't filled in by her descriptions, her words. I was little but for some reason it now seems that she was fearful, fearful to not have her impressions controlling those around her. I think we can all be guilty of it. One time my dad told her that Native American chiefs would sit in silence for days. I think she took offense. But, there is something to be said of not always needing to hear the sound of ones own voice on every single thing. Yeah, this is for I learn to shut up.

That is my take on what this poem means. What does it mean to you? Something different is completely fine! Please share with me. :)

PS. What is this all about? National Poetry Writing Month. I will be participating. I have neglected writing poetry for years now and I want to try to do the NaPoWriMo- a poem a day every day for 30 days. If I miss I won't squirm though, I'll just write two the next day. I hope you enjoy it, and let me know if you are doing this too and we can spur each other on in love and encouragement. Oh, these are all completely rough drafts...but I have nothing to hide, why hide?


Wayne Pitchko said...

it is hard to remain silent...and be silent...I meditate most days and it helps..I do sometimes talk to myself though. Nice words...shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

DLG (Daddy's Little Girl) said...

Bethany! What trouble I have with silence as well! It's hard to find balance between filling the empty spaces and just letting them be there, empty, happy to be unfilled. This is a balance I struggle with! Thanks for the poem!

My April 3 poem is here:
Have a great night!

Danielle Mari said...

"to fill it just because it is empty
to admire it only because it is full
to see him only when he is worthy"

I keep reading and rereading those three lines. Lovely, really. This whole thing has a very zen feel--- finding comfort in just being.

Jeeves said...

I know people who just get restless with silence. To some it means peace. Very nice one here

Jeeves said...

I know people who just get restless with silence. To some it means peace. Very nice one here

Elizabeth said...

love this poem. I think being able to sit in silence, not feeling restless or anxious, but just being okay with the quiet, is a hard skill to learn.

Madeleine said...

I remember once sitting in the company of a few people all talking away. I felt I had to say something, it was just to uncomfortable to sit there silent. One man stoped speaking and said to me "You know, there is nothing wrong with just sitting in company and be silent, it is a nice feeling" I have never forgotten this and try to be quiet when speaking isn't necessary.

have a wonderful week-end with your family

Serena said...

I really like your thoughts behind this poem. I think it is true that we often try to let our perceptions control those around us. I love silence...its good to have it. It allows you to be at peace.

bethany said...

wayne-I always talk to myself! It is really weird sometimes, but I have decided I just don't care how weird it helps me process things. I especially do it when I am making a decision. (usualy at the store!! :)

DLG- Yes, silence is hard. And I really agree that it is a balance. Knowing when to speak and when to be silent is something I don't really think anyone has truly mastered...we can all keep trying though! :)

I am loving your poems!!

Daniele Mari- I am so glad you like it. I wrote those three lines and just knew where it was headed. I seem to always do that I just start writing and never know what I am doing. Thanks for the sweet comment!!

Jeeves- Yes, it does make some uncomfortable. I am working on understanding that. Thanks for your comment.

Elisabeth- Oh it is for sure!! I don't think anyone has really mastered it, there is always room for improvement.

madeleine- That is great advice!! Thanks for sharing with me :)

Yes, we will have an amazing weekend!Thank you.

serena- thank you! yes, I am working on not trying to do that myself, but to include the ones who sit their silently and wish to speak. I am glad you enjoyed this.

Thank you all, I love getting yoru comments!!!!

Tea said...

Your poem is beautiful and thought provoking. Why is silence so frightening? It makes some of us jittery. Is silence more revealing than the words we speak? You have given me so much to think about after reading your poem. Thank you.