Monday, April 13, 2009

Poem 13. the quitter

when you wrap your hands
your hands around that towel
around that soft, white towel and throw
throw it into the other corner of the ring
the ring where you have been fighting til death
til death seems that for you it will be deadly
deadly as in not going home after its over
after its over you'd like to see your kids again
again ruffle their hair and cuddle with them
with them and for them you throw in the towel
the towel that signifies you know when to quit

PS. What is this all about? National Poetry Writing Month.

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Diane said...

Nice, Bethany! It was nice to see poem again (although I'm totally intrigued by the read-a-thon!)


bethany said...

Diane- Thank you! yes, the read-a-thon is what is attracting my attention too. I don't know how many more poems I will get to write this month.

Serena said...

great work on this poem...I like the repeated phrases from line to line.