Sunday, April 19, 2009

Read-a-thon: T plus 21

Titles of books completed:
American Born Chinese
Peter Pan
Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress

The Invention of Hugo Cabret

Titles of books still working on:
Anne's House of Dreams

Pages read since last update:
* The Inventions of Hugo Cabret p. 165
Total: 165

Running total of pages read since you started:
*American Born Chinese p. 233 (complete)
*Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress p. 192 (complete)
*Peter Pan p. 276 (complete)
*The Inventions of Hugo Cabret p. 533 (complete)
*Anne's House of Dreams p.77
Total: 1331

Money Raised for charity: $ 133.10
Who I am *trying* to keep track of:
Ti from Book Chatter and other Stuff
Vasilly at 1330v
Trish from Trish's Reading Nook
Claire from Kiss a Cloud
Chris from Stuff as Dreams Are Made On
Joanne from The Book Zombie
Jennifer from The Literate Housewife
Megan from Medieval Bookworm
Laura from Reading Reflections
Violet from Violet Crush
Parole (Words)
I heart Monster

So I just finished The Invention of Hugo Cabret and it is so cool!! Here is a book trailer, I have never seen another book quite like it.

I don't know what I will read next. I am still working on Anne's House of Dreams but I don't know that I will have time to finish it.

UPDATED: I am going to keep reading Anne's House of Dreams for a bit and then go to sleep. I'll post a complete update tomorrow. Good night and sweet dreams/ or reading!!!


Anonymous said...

OH...yeah, way to go Bethany. How do you manage to read so much and still mak your posts look this great?

Chris said...

Eh...I'm really off to bed now, lol. But congrats on all that reading! I had a really great time following you today!

claire said...

That sounds like an awesome book but I will come back later to watch the video. Really groggy but still want to go on.. how are you holding up? I feel like I'm slurring as I type but GO BETHANY!

Laura said...

You have a good amount raised for your charity, and there is still some time left. How are you doing? Are you going to make it the whole 24 hours?? We're almost there!

Trish said...

Good night lovely lady. So many people are crashing. :(

Nicole said...

Fantabulous job, Bethany!Good luck with the rest of your reading.

Bybee said...

Anne's House Of Dreams was a good choice for the readathon. I think I'll recommend it in the future.
Kudos regarding your charity raising.

Anonymous said...

wowowow! great job on the read-a-thon. i have no idea how you are still upright and can type after all those hours of reading.

Diane said...

Fabulous!!! so many books and great updates! I loved your chickens!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! What a fantastic job!

Elizabeth said...

You did a great job - congratulations!! =)

jessi said...

Great job! :) I missed out on the 'thon this time, but I really enjoyed reading everyone posts. I especially enjoyed your vlogs - maybe we could have a vlogging mini-challenge in October?

Alyce said...

Congrats on all of your reading! I am amazed at how long you stayed up. I didn't get up all that early yesterday and I only made it until 12:30 last night (but I wasn't participating in the readathon of course). Hope you got a good night's sleep!

tanabata said...

I just got around to watching your video with Francisca the chicken. Thanks for the smiles! :)
Congratulations on a successful read-a-thon!

Marg said...

Wow! You did amazingly well! Life got a bit in the way for me this time, but at least I got a couple of books read.

I have been meaning to get hold of the Hugo Cabaret book for a while now.

Madeleine said...

Thank-you for the Vlog, terrific!!!! :D you are so at ease. Love the chicken to, I guess you got over your fear of touching them...a long time ago whaen you just had 2.

Congratulation on your read-a-thon!

Anna said...

You did a great job! I only finished 2 books, but I did sleep for a few hours.

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