Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Vlog:My Read-A-Thon Book Pile

I am getting ready for the read-a-thon and decided to do a vlog, since that is what is going around right now and they look like they are having so much fun doing them! I did one for the last read-a-thon so how could I not join in?

In the vlog is a little running commentary from me while I go through my pile of books that I may choose during the read-a-thon on Saturday. In my last read-a-thon I read 4 books almost 5 and I would guess it will be right around that again, depending on book length and such. So, yeah I am not reading all the books I list in the vlog.

Sorry about the "um" thing...I didn't notice it, I need to work on that!! I hope you enjoyed my rambling, yes I do it in person too!! HAHA! It was a bummer that I didn't practice the foreign names beforehand-not that I would have been any more polished. Thanks for watching and let me know if any of the books I mentioned is a good choice or bad choice in your opinion, I'd love your input!

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Consider doing one of your own! (and then make sure you let me know about it :)


Maw Books said...

I love these vlogs because it allows us to connect in a way otherwise not possible. I can now picture you when I read your posts! I didn't see your last read-a-thon vlogs. When my husband watches my vlogs he tells me to stop saying "um" too.

I read both Balzac and When the Emperor Was Divine. LOVED When the Emperor Was Divine. Great choice.

Richard said...

I enjoyed watching all of this vlog, Bethany, but I have to give extra credit to your cat for looking so "casual" when he/she snuck on camera: "Hey, I didn't know anybody was filming in here!" Too funny! Hope you have a great read-a-thon!

Shelley said...

I have not read any of the ones you mentioned, so I can't help you there! I also have Hunger Games planned for Saturday!
I didn't even notice the "ums"!

Chris said...

That was so much fun!! Have I ever told you that I love your hair? I don't know if I have or not, but I think it's really cool! I had long hair as a teenager and I used to put "dread head" in it to try to make dreads and they just looked stupid :p Now I'm balding :( Your vlog was great though!

The Saffron Kitchen looks really cool. I love the title and I love that cover. Laika looks good too...I have that one on my wishlist. And the Hunger Games was such a good book! It would be perfect for the Read-a-Thon. It reads quickly and it's one of those books that you just can't put down. Have fun! Looking forward to it.

bethany said...

Natasha- Yes, it is a great change from the regular reading! I love watching other peoples, so I decided I needed to do one BEFORE I was sleep deprived this time. :)

Thanks for the suggestions, I'll be sure to read the Emperor than!

Richard- Oh, thanks! Glad you did :) I love watching other peoples too, it is hard though to watch myself...I just want to fix things that bug me that I do, it is fine though. Yes, and that cat would be "yoko" a she and yes, very interested in being filmed!! :) She is NOT self conscious at all.

Shelly- We'll have to plan to read it at the same time!! that would be fun! I am a slow reader thoguh. You are too sweet to not notice the ums, seriously. I can't wait for the read-a-thon to start!!

Chris-Glad you liked it! And about the dreads thank you. I like them a lot more now that they are less maintenance, in the beginning they were so much work. I will for sure read the Hunger Games then, I have heard nothing but good about it so far and can't wait.

Thanks for coming over!!

Ali said...

Hmmm, maybe I shouldn't have watched this tonight because I could just picture meeting up at Powell's and both of us saying "um" a lot because we can't think of anything to say. ;-)

Stephanie said...

I just finished The Hunger Games. Will be posting a review a little later today. VERY good book!

Scribacchina said...

WOW, Bethany, it's great to listen to you for a change, instead of just reading you! (And don't worry about the "um" thing, I guess we all do that a lot. As for the foreign names, I loved the way you smile everytime you name an author and are not sure about how to pronounce it!)
The only book I read from your list is Saffron Kitchen, and just wanted to tell you it's NOT about food. It is a light read, but it deals with quite heavy themes, and I'm not sure it does a good job as that. I hope you'll enjoy it better than I did!

ANovelMenagerie said...

I really liked the video... especially your kitty cat!

I'll be cheering for you in the read-a-thon because there's NO WAY that I could actually do it!


Meghan said...

Great video! I love all the vlogs going up lately. It's so nice to see you in person! And the "um"s don't bug me because I think we all do them in real life and I don't really notice then either.

I really want to read The Hunger Games, but my library doesn't have it yet!

- Meghan @ Medieval Bookworm

Tricia said...

Hunger Games is a great choice for the read-a-thon. I've read Balzac and I thought it was a really delightful little book. I've also started The Saffron Kitchen and I like it, but it is a somewhat heavy.

I'm going to be joining in the read-a-thon for the first time. Yay! I've got lots of YA lined up so I don't get too bogged down. :)

Trish said...

I say "OK" and "so" a lot--and probably um. Probably wouldn't have even noticed your "um" if you hadn't mentioned it--you're just too cute. I'll be doing a vlog for my first entry on Saturday. I've been thinking about it for two weeks now and all I can envision is hyper me yelling read-a-thon over and over. :)

You're books look great--I've heard good thigns about When the Emperor was Divine.

mee said...

I somehow pictured you not as skinny as you look in the video :). Love the cat! (apart from your vlog of course lol)

bermudaonion said...

You are so cute and soft-spoken! Good luck with the read-a-thon!

Elizabeth said...

The Hunger Games!!! It's a great choice - it kept me up at night to finish, so I'm sure it will keep you entertained. It might be good for the late night, when you are starting to get sleepy...

Ramya said...

Good luck for the read-a-thon! as Natasha said, the vlog is really gives me an image and a voice when I read your reviews now..:)

I have read Balzac and Q&A and I loved both the books.. I read Balzac after I read Natasha's review of it (and the cover was totally amazing!) and it was a light read..

Am curious about the other books you have on your list.. esp the book shop and chinese knot..

do you plan to post reviews of these once you are done with the read-a-thon?

avisannschild said...

Great vlog, Bethany! I haven't read any of the books you're planning on reading, so I can't help you there. Happy readathon!

Ti said...

You sound exactly how I expected you to. I love that because that means your personality really comes through your posts.

Your list looks good. If I get off the fence and decide to join in on the fun I will try to put a vlog together. What did you use? Your Mac? I have one and my kids use the iMovie thing all the time but me? Not so much.

bethany said...

Ali- HEY! that is not nice! :) Of course we will find something to say! haha. It is just on camera that I get really nervous or in front of a large on one not so much.

Stephanie- Glad you liked Hunger Games I am hearing that over and over and think I will save it until later on in the read-a-thon since it sounds like it will really keep me reading! Thanks for coming by!

Scribacchina- Awe thanks for the encouragement, very sweet. I know I love it when other bloggers do these and I can 'see' them a little more.

I think I may wait on The Saffron Kitchen, several people have said that it is a little heavy. I don't know if I want that. What is the heavy topic????

Sheri (ANovelMenagerie)-
You should totally do it! I didn't think I could either but it really is fun. Thanks for cheering me on though, I will need that big time.

Meghan- Thanks! I am glad you like it. haha. Yes, I guess we probably do all say something like that unless we have trained ourselves not to.

I cannot believe your lib doesn't have the Hunger Games! Mine has tons of copies but they are always checked out. I bought it since everyone was so excited about it and I had Powell's credit.

I keep hearing that about the Hunger Games, and I think I will read the Seamstress one too. I am getting negative feedback about the saffron kitchen. What is heavy in it? If I knew then I could decide better.

I am so glad you are joining in the read-a-thon!! Are you going to do a vlog??? Oh, come on! It is so fun to see what the bloggers behind the blog really look like :)

Trish- Oh, I love your vlogs, you did one last time, right? I love seeing my friends :) Yes, you will probably be really excited, that might off set me being so quiet in this one. I need to drink a TON of caffeine and then do one!!! ahhhh, no probably not a good idea.

haha! what do you mean!?! :) I am a lightweight- for better and for worse. I am little too, only 5'3".

Oh and yoko, yes she is with me at all times, my shadow.

bermudaonion- You are doing it too right!?!? I thought you were. Thanks, glad you liked the vlog, I am not always softspoken, but the camera makes me nervous.

You have to do the read a thon, won't your kindle have arrived by then!?!?!

Elizabeth- I will do that! I have heard that over and over and I think that is a good plan. My only reservation is that it is a little longer than some of the others. Oh,well.

Ramya- Those two I will read for sure, well at least I will try to get to them. I have no idea how many I will have time to read.

Are you doing the read-a-thon!? for some reason I thought you were, but maybe I am confused. If not you NEED to do it!!

Yes I will post reviews after I recuperate!ha.

avisannschild- Thanks! Yes, I hope to get to some of them :) I am getting sleepy just thinking about it though. ahh.

Ti- I am glad you liked it!! That is so neat that I am just like you imagined :) that makes me happy.

Oh, seriously do you want me to start stalking you telling you WHY YOU MUST DO THE Read-A-Thon!!?!??! YOU MUST.

Anonymous said...

I love love love vlogs. And don't worry about the um thing. ;)

Ti said...

Okay..thanks for the read-a-thon nudge. I signed up!

bethany said...

saveophelia- Oh, thanks! :) I will pretend not to.haha.

Ti- YAY!!! I was hoping to win some buddies over for the read-a-thon!!! I go to a coffee shop all day, it isn't ideal, but it is better than reading at home with the kids. I think I am going to try for a quiet room at the local library this time. If not I just get too caught up in people watching.

claire said...

Hi Bethany, I love your vlog, you sound so sweet. And I didn't even notice the ums.. I say them more than you do. :D

I won't be up reading for 24 hrs straight, and have all 3 kids in the house, alone with them, husband working.. so you can imagine how that will be. I just can't pass up the opportunity to join, though, so whatever I get to read I'll just enjoy it.

From your books the only one I've read is Q&A. And have read it when it first came out, and it was one of the most hilarious reads, as in laugh-out-loud funny. It's true what they say, the movie is way different.. it's darker and very serious. The book is just light and funny and you'll have fun with it.. perfect for the read-a-thon. :D

BiblioMom said...

This was great!! I just decided to do the read-a-thon today and so your vlog was just a little more inspiration.

Alyce said...

I loved the vlog, and especially enjoyed your attempts to pronounce the authors' names. It sounds exactly like what I would do! LOL! :)

I got my copy of Hunger Games in the mail this week and I'm thinking I might read it on Sunday. I'll be thinking of all you read-a-thoners while I'm playing at the band festival.

Bart's Bookshelf said...

Great vlog, Bethany. Make sure you blog before starting Hunger Games, because you wont want to break off, during it. :o)

katrina said...

Cute video. Balzac is an easy read - the other books look great

Diane said...

Awesome vlog, Bethany! You are totally charming! I'll be cheering you on and trying to read as much as possible on Saturday!

Good luck, I'll be checking back on you!

Chris said...

Great job! I loved House of Dreams. I hope you like listening to it.

joanna said...

I really enjoyed watching your video Bethany! It's great to put a face to the name! From your choices, the only book I read was the Anne one and it's great. From others' reviews I think that the Hunger Games would be great during the read-a-thon! I can't participate this time so I'll already say 'have fun'! :-)

tanabata said...

I love the cover of Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress too! I've got a copy of When the Emperor was Divine on my shelf that I still haven't read. I'll have to keep that in mind if my other books don't appeal to me.
Loved your kitty!
Have a great read-a-thon!

Anonymous said...

Loved the vlog, Bethany. I've heard great things about a lot of the books you're reading, especially Hunger Games, When the Emperor Was Divine, and Balzac. And don't sweat the "um" thing; I always get in trouble for it in speech class.

Suey said...

I just wanted to pop in here and say what a wonderful soothing voice you have! And what a great pile of books you've been working on today!