Wednesday, March 19, 2008

There's a (Slight) Chance I Might be Going to Hell

Title: there's a (slight) chance i might be going to hell
Author: Laurie Notaro
Pages: 302
Completed: 19th, March, 2008
Yearly Count: 10
Snaps: 3.5/5

Here is the deal with this book, read it! It is fun, silly, quirky and sometimes obnoxious. I liked it because it was a great break between some of my classics, or heavy-hearted books that I will need to read to complete my challenges. Sometimes I just need a break, so I took apologies there.

The basic premise of this book is as follows: Maye moves to a new city in Washington State (her hubby gets a job there) from Phoenix, she is very excited to get away from the heat and the crime but what she doesn't know is that Spaulding will be a hard town to crack. She tries a million ways to make a good friend, but her attempts always fail. She comes to the conclusion, that in order to be noticed she MUST enter the Sewer Pipe Pageant, and become the glorious queen of the entire city~! But, as she is trying to find her sponsor weird things begin to happen...and she winds up peering into Spaulding's deep, dark past...Well, you need to read the rest from there.

A light, silly, interesting, predictable book, that is sometimes vulgar, manipulative and goofy...but just overall a very sweet, quick read. It is about how doing the right thing, leads to where you should want to follow.


aka_Nik said...

This sounds like a fun book. I'm going to have to look into it.

Trish said...

Sounds like my kind of book! Sewer Pipe Pagent, huh? Love it!

bethany said...

*aka_nik: yeah, it is a good one, not for everyone...but it is mysterious and funny at the same time...just fun.

*trish: yes, it is just as silly as it really is. but it is written very well, and is interesting to read. go for it.