Monday, March 3, 2008

booking through thursday: favourite female character?

Q:Who is your favorite female lead character?
And why? (And yes, of course, you can name more than one . . . I always have trouble narrowing down these things to one name, why should I force you to?)

Since I recently read Franny and Zooey, I'd say Franny is one of them. She is brilliant and at the same time a complete freak! I enjoyed the way Salinger created her, and how she came to be...even if at times she was a little extreme.

I am currently reading Anna Karenina and although she definitely is not my hero, I enjoy Kitty a lot. Her last name is some insane polish name, but whatever. I can relate to her, she is filled with confusion since her mother dictates to her, her father is disappointed in her, her suitor suddenly abandons her...and yet eventually she stays solid. I enjoy reading about her too.

I am sorry to say that I do not have any that come to mind immediately as being "The One" that I absolutely must write down. I wish I did, and I I'll get to work on that in case this question ever comes around again!!!

Thanks for reading this!!


trish said...

I know what you mean. I don't know that any character jumped out at me either. 'Course, that could be because I can't remember a book once I've started a new one. It's just too much information for my brain to hold. :-)

Marg said...

Welcome to blogging! I look forward to reading more of your thoughts about books!

Anonymous said...

don't sweat it, b, this question rattled around in the back of my brain for a good couple of days until the answer showed up!

bethany said...

Thanks all, you are very nice to welcome me!

*trish and firewater- I am glad that you understand the dilemma of choosing a favourite character! haha.

I can't wait for the next one tomorrow! I will actually be there to do it on time, yay.