Thursday, March 27, 2008

BTT: I choose books by their covers!

Q:While acknowledging that we can’t judge books by their covers, how much does the design of a book affect your reading enjoyment? Hardcover vs. softcover? Trade paperback vs. mass market paperback? Font? Illustrations? Etc.?

A: Well, honestly I do pick up books for their cover. I am won over by a well designed cover. This mainly has to do with my interest in aesthetics...and my value of graphic design and art...but also if a book looks really boring...I'll leave it be. Covers are important in picking up a book, but once i am into the book I don't even think about it. So, I guess it is more advertising to me...a good book has a good cover right!?

Softcover...DEFINITELY...with a matte finish for sure!

I am not sure I understand the difference between a trade paperback and mass market. I think the trade paperback is done on better quality stuff, and if that is the case trade paperback...mass market seems like it is the glossy cheap-o cover, but that is just what I am guessing. Am I right?

Font- I haven't ever even noticed a difference in fonts...what is wrong with me?
Illustrations- this is a hard one...if I am reading kids books to my two little ones illustrations are a HUGE part, because they are too young to read, but for me illustrations must be done right or they should just be left out. I don't like the silly little drawings that are in some books...they lower the quality...but if an illustration is stunning, well, then I am all for it!

What did you think...sorry I got this up so late!!!!


gautami tripathy said...

I don't like large fonts. nor do I like smaller ones!

User friendly ones, thats me!


Booking through cover

Sya said...

The main differences between trade and mass market are size and price. Trade paperbacks are larger, closer to the size of hardbacks and cost anywhere from $12 to $16. And sometimes trade paperbacks are sold about a year before the mass market comes out.

As for quality--I've seen a fair number of trades with approximately the same paper quality of mass market.

trish said...

Ah, softcovers with a matte finish...HEAVEN!