Monday, March 3, 2008

Animal, Vegetable Miracle by Barbra Kingsolver

Title: Animal, Vegetable, Miracle
Author: Barbra Kingsolver
Yearly Count: 2
Rated: 4/5

I finished Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and seriously enjoyed most of it. In many sections it can get boring or bland. But mos of the book was interesting, made great points and motivated me to buy things closer to home and think more about where my money is going when I do not do that. This is a book that I will probably buy when it comes out in has tons of facts and websites, and recipes that are well worth owning it for. Once again, this is a book on how one family desired to make an impact and pretty much did. It is for anyone interested in what they are eating. I loved it.

The following chart, known by the readers and the authors of Vegetable, Animal Miracle as "The Vegetannual"- it is the growth chart of what is in season during a particular time of the year. It is pretty exciting! If food excites you at all give this book a try!!

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I finally finished reading this book. Here is a link to my review; I am putting up a link to yours as well: