Monday, March 24, 2008

stacks and stacks of lovin'

I just can't contain myself. I got all these books at one store for $18 today! I figured you all would understand my delight. Have you read any of these? let me know...if you can/want.
These are from a different day. Here is a mix, one is from my amazing sis-in-law (The Inheritance of Loss) and the rest are my findings in one day at two different used book stores here in town. Have you read these?? Do you have any advice for me? Hand it on over!
yum, yum...I heart books.


Jeane said...

I've read the Pearl, Animal Farm and The Pilot's Wife, from your stacks. I'd recommend Animal Farm. All the Pretty Horses and House of Sand and Fog are sitting on my TBR...

raych said...

Oh man. This sort of thing makes me drunk. Ok, both my sister and I agree that John Steinbeck = slit wrists, but I loved The Pearl where she hated it. Whatever. Haven't read Tortilla Flats. Let me know how that one goes. Jane Eyre is my FAvorite, like, ever. I mean that. I love it with an intensity I can't begin to explain. All The Pretty Horses...let's just say I hope you speak Spanish. I haven't read the rest in that stack. Moving on...
I insist that you read Bird by Bird right now. You will LOVE it. You will want to give it to all your friends, especially those ones that are funny. It will SLAY you. The rest I haven't read, but they all have that delicious, slightly-worn look that is the reason I love used books so much.
Oh deliciousness.

Ex Libris said...

Oooh, I love book stacks! Lucky you! I've read Animal Farm, Jane Eyre and The Shadow of the Wind (loved it). I have most of the others on my shelves.

Trish said...

Yes yes I do understand! I've been to half price books twice this week. :) Let's see--I read House of Sand and Fog years ago and really liked it-I don't think I saw the movie.

I read All the Pretty Horses at the beginning of last month (you saw my review).

I love Jane Eyre (although Emily is my favorite Bronte).

I read Northager Abbey last year and liked it but it's not as developed as her others. Quick read anyway.

Read Pilot's Wife but not Fortune's Rocks. Although--I think they are tied together by the same house? Could be wrong. I've read a few Shreve books, The Weight of Water is my favorite by her.

I have The Inheritance of Loss on my very very long Wishlist. :)

Yay!! Happy reading. Oh, and I'm hoping that my enthusiastic post here makes up for my absence lately. Ahhh!

lacer said...

Hi (again)

I read Animal Farm at school in my english class and thought it fantastic even then, you're making me want to go back and read it again, along with another old school favourite To Kill a Mockingbird!