Thursday, May 29, 2008

TAG-author meme!!!

TAG-you're it!

I am IT again, and this time it was heather at Errant Thoughts, here are her answers.

1. Who’s your all-time favorite author, and why?

All time? I literally cannot think that way, there are so many, here are some that I would consider my all time favourites:
Aleksandr Isaevich Solzhenitsyn
Sinan Antoon
Miljenko Jergovic
Richard Adams
Carlos Fuentes
Maxine Hong Kingston
Jack London
C. S. Lewis
J.D. Salinger
J.R.R. Tolkien
Banana Yoshimoto
Harriet Beecher Stowe

2. Who was your first favorite author, and why? Do you still consider him or her among your favorites?

I am sure that when I was little I enjoyed different picture books, and chapter books. I do remember loving The Boxcar Children. But nothing stunned me as much as reading Harriet Beecher Stowe

for the first time. I read Uncle Tom's Cabin and could not get over the severity of the situation. AHHH! I cried and cried. I was probably 12 years old and had never had much idea of slavery, as I attended Spanish public schools and history is not one of their strong points. I knew it had existed and that was about it. I could not get enough of Uncle Tom, little Eva and Co.

And yes, it still rings true for me. I got to re-read it in college for a literature class! I again, loved it. I know that there is discussion about this book, and that maybe Harriet could have done things differently. What I know though, is that we cannot judege the people from the past, through our present knowledge. She tried, and did her best...personaly her writing attacked me like a ravenous dog takes a hamburger. I still love it.

3. Who’s the most recent addition to your list of favorite authors, and why?

From the list I can see that Sinan Antoon and Miljenko Jergovic are my newest additions.
I was just blown away by them, that is why. That is why anyone is on my list. Their story captures, engulfs and hardly lets me breathe...their choice of words makes me want to eat the book. (ha!)

4. If someone asked you who your favorite authors were right now, which authors would first pop out of your mouth? Are there any you’d add on a moment of further reflection?

Well, right now I love Marjane Satrapi (Persepolis I and II), Nichole Krauss (The History of Love), Rozena Maart (The Writing Circle) .

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And whoever else would enjoy this was a great meme!!


heather (errantdreams) said...

I'm glad you enjoyed! I'm having so much fun browsing through folks' lists of favorite authors. I really must read Uncle Tom's Cabin... it's one of those books I feel kind of embarrassed about not having read yet. :)

Anonymous said...

thanks for the tag! I'll try to get on this asap :)

Julie said...

Thanks for the tag! These are tough questions -- one single all-time favorite author? yeah, right! -- so it will probably take me a few days.

monix said...

Bethany, I hope you won't be offended but I really don't have time for tags and memes at present. This is my busiest time of year and I barely get even to read my emails. I won't have time for thinking until the end of August. Sorry.

bethany said...

heather- yes, i really liked it. Thanks for tagging me! Oh,yes Uncle Tom's better read it, but I think a lot of people haven't read it.

no prob! hahaha! hope you enjoy doing it!

julie- yep. they are hard! I had a hard time with the one author, so I just ignored it and wrote a list!!!hahaha!

monix- no worries, nope...not offended. Hope things calm down for you soon.

Julie said...

Bethany, I did it! I even picked one author as my favorite, though I feel horribly guilty about all the other writers I didn't pick. :)

Thanks for the tag; it was fun!

Trish said...

I really need to read Uncle Tom's Cabin. It's sitting right over there on my shelf. For some reason I'm really intimidated by it--not sure why. I've seen the OT meme and love the questions--I'll try to do it tomorrow afternoon. I've been trying to catch up on my bloghopping and am all blogged out for now. :)