Thursday, May 15, 2008

Orbis Terrarum Group Travels!

I'm going to do a map update today or tomorrow for the Orbis Terrarum group travels. If you haven't put your links on the Orbis Terrarum link post, then do so (then your competed journeys will be on our group map!!!). Here is the link to go there: Orbis Terrarum travel links

If you are confused as to how to enter in the link here is what you do: click on the title in your blog for the review (not your header, but the blog post title) if you have a PC then left click and go to something like: copy link location. On a MAC hold down control+click to see the menu, go to copy link location. Then go to our travels post (link above) and paste your link into there. In your title please include the country this book is from, your name, you can include the book title if you want.

Yah! Way to go far we have taken 58 journeys around our world!

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