Monday, May 26, 2008

a hero's memorial day salute

Poor is the community that has no heroes, poorer still is the one that having them, forgets.

Happy memorial day to all, but mostly to those who deserve it, as in those who we celebrate today. Thank you for serving our country, and serving it with your whole heart, thank you for giving so much, sometimes what others think to be too much...but mostly for being willing to give so that I can live here, in safety and freedom. Thank you for your service.

My family who has served in the Army, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard:
Thank you Ross.
Thank you Dad.
Thank you Grandpa Durand.
Thank you Grandpa Jackson.
Thank you Uncle Jack.
Thank you Grandpa Marble.
Thank you Grandpa Cox.


heather (errantdreams) said...

A lovely post, with a very important quote. Thank you.

Back to bookishness for a moment, I hope you'll consider joining in on the errant dreams author meme!

bethany said...

heather- yah, i love that quote.

yes, a meme!! for sure, soon.