Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday Salon: books and linky-links

What a Sunday this is, mother's day, and Sunday Salon and just beautiful outside...well, at least it is here. I have read some stuff this week. Here are my bookie tidings of joy:
I completed the Novella Challenge this week!!
For that I read:
Franny and Zooey- JD Salinger
Town House-Tish Cohen
Sarajevo Marlboro-Miljenko Jergovic
Farmworker's Daughter- Rose Castillo Gibault
The Waitress Was New- Dominique Fabre
Moving Parts- Magdalena Tulli

(click on the titles for my reviews of each book)
I also completed another book for the Orbis Terrarum Challenge (which I am the host of): The Reluctant Fundamentalist by Mohsim Hamid .

I joined a challenge as well, I thought it would be okay since I have finished two already, I'll keep my fingers crossed for completing the challenges I have signed myself up for!!! The newest addition to my challenges is the Classics Challenge hosted by one of my bookie buddies (Trish)! I am considering reading all the Jane Austen books for this challenge, since another friend book blogger (the wonderful Ramya) suggested that she may do this as well.

That is not all the bookie things that I need to tell you about, I need to tell you that I won The Diary of a Provincial Lady by EM Delafield from our book blog lady Maureen from Random Distractions!!
I can't wait to read it, it contains 4 books in one: Diary of a Provincial Lady, The Provincial Lady Goes Further, The Provincial Lady in America, The Provincial Lady in Wartime. I am so excited to win this book, it looks excellent! and I got it in the mail yesterday!!!!! (isn't it fun to get books in the mail, and this one was even carefuly wrapped in fushia tissue wrapping paper! (what a joy!)

Besides that I have joined some book clubs, I am already in the book club I am leading: Pretty Paper, which is a local group (but if you are interested....let me know and you can do it too) We meet once a month at a restaurant in Corvallis or Salem Oregon, and then go out to coffee and discuss our monthly read. This month we are supposed to read The Portrait of a Lady, have any of you read it? I am having a hard time wanting to read it...every time I pick it up I decide I would rather do something else!
But, this week I joined another two book clubs, for one we are reading The Orchid Thief and for the other we are reading Matrimony. Both look really great, I am excited to get started on them. (no everyone I haven't begun yet)...

The book that I am really into right now is The Writing Circle by Rozena Maart , it has completely taken me over, I'll be reviewing it later on this week (in the next couple days).

That is all for right now...until next week...let me know if you have read any of these or have any suggestions!!

Oh, but if you are interested in how the construction of my chicken tractor is going: check it out on my personal blog...and le me know how you like it!
Bungaree chicken Tractor


gautami tripathy said...

I have wanted to read Townhouse but can't get it over here in India. I have joined too many Challenges to even consider joining any more!

Julie said...

I loved your review of Franny & Zooey. "These are the only type of people who can afford to mope around and recite little prayers" [snorting with laughter]. I loved that book when I was in college. Now, not so much. I still think the Nine Stories are brilliant, though.

Oh, hey, I tagged you for a meme. I hope you haven't already done this one. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you'll love the Delderfield. The first has just been re-published in the UK so maybe she is undergoing something of a revival.

jlshall said...

I read "Portrait of a Lady" many years ago in college, and loved it - haven't looked at it since. But I have that same problem with all of James's works - I have a really hard time getting started with them. One of my college professors used to say they were all about "shall I have peas or carrots for dinner?" and, he would say, "Who cares?" But I always end up enjoying them if I stick with them long enough to finish.

Medbie said...

I still love Franny and Zooey; read it for the first time in the last few years. I'll have to find your review.

I love Henry James; he's so smooth and has such a way of describing people. Almost a social historian--like Jane Austen. My favorite by him (thus far, for I've not read them all) is Daisy Miller. Wonderful portraits in that one.

monix said...

I am glad to see the Provincial Lady reached you, Bethany. She's much easier to get on with than Henry James' Lady, if you appreciate subtle and understated English humour. Enjoy!

Trish said...

After seeing Adaptation I've really wanted to read The Orchid Thief--I look forward to your review! I read Portrait of a Lady last summer and oh my goodness! The book has its moments, but for me James is sooooo dry. I have more to add, but I'll wait until your review. :) Not to discourage you!

bethany said...

gautami tripathy- really, sorry you can' find the is a newer one so maybe soon. I know what you mean about challenges!!! AHHHH!!

Yes, franny and Zooey..I loved it. I loved it so much that I had to read 2 more books before I got my fill of Salinger. He is interesting to read, at least to me.

I will do the meme soon...I can't wait!!! You are the first to tag me!!! thank you!

table talk- yes, I can't wait to read it!! It sounds like the people in UK are loving I should too right!?

jishall- ahh, for sure. I really did enjoy Washington Square...but it was short and easy to read. I haven't even started Portrait yet....I think I may skip it.

medbie- yes, me too. Oh, I will have to look up Daisy Miller...if you say that is your favourite!

monix- yes, arrive it did!!! I can't believe how fast it got here!! Craziness!THANKS AGAIN!!

Trish- I need to START that one, since the discussion started two days ago...with my chicks and all I am feeling very behind! I really need to get-a-reading!