Thursday, May 8, 2008

Classics Challenge


Look what I have been missing! My friend Trish is going to host the Classics Challenge, and I have a very dear spot for her in my heart since she brought me to this bookie blogging world in the first place. I am going to do this one, as I have not read too many classics. Growing up in Spain, we did not read any Austen, or well...whatever other classics are we didn't read much of them.
The rules are easy: read five classics in six months, and there is a bonus for the last month. Meander over it you want to join, sounds great doesn't it!?


Trish said...

Thanks for the post! I hope to put up a Mr. Linky soon, but I wanted to give people a chance to suggest bonus books and have a decent sized list for others to choose from. I'm glad you'll be joining--Austen is a great choice!

Ramya said...

that challenge does sound like fun too!:) I was planning to buy the complete jane austen collection..and thought this would be a perfect opportunity to do it!:) you've never read an austen?? you should! start with pride and prejudice..and you'll definitely know if you like austen or not:)
looks like the orbis terrarum is a super hit challenge! congrats!:)

bethany said...

trish- fo sho girlie! yes, can't wait for the mister linky!
yes, I am thinking of going for is scary to me though!

yes, I saw you are doing it!! And that you want to read the Austen classics...would you want to do that together (if I can keep up with your avid reading habbits!!) we could do one a month, you can choose what we start with since I have no idea...are you interested? nope I have not read austen before (sad).

Thanks for the orbis terrarum comment, that is very sweet and encouraging of you...I love doing this challenge, I love seeing what is out there that I may have never noticed! thank you.

Corinne said...

I'm going to do this one too...somehow :) I love the idea and I'm going to try to double up as much as I can. Can't wait to see your list :)