Friday, May 23, 2008

classics meme!!!

I am really excited about the Classics Challenge that Trish is hosting, here is a meme she gave us to wet out appetites!!!

1. My favorite classic is: (here is what I think they are..some you may not consider classics though...) Uncle Tom's Cabin Beecher-Stowe(had a huge impact on my when I was little, woke me up to slavery) Washington Square, Henry James(fun to read, it is short and interesting), Tale of Two Cities by Dickens (I loved the way it was written).

2. The classic I had the toughest time finishing is ANNA KARENINA!!!!! no question. long, borring, amoral....horrid.

3. I would recommend Franny and Zooey, or Nine Stories by JD Salinger to someone who doesn't read a lot of classics or who doesn't generally like classics because it is different, the style is fun and the themes are deep and captivating.

4. To me, a classic book is a book which has been around or will be around...both!

5. The type of relationship I have with classics is shaky...they scare me, but when I read them I realize they are not so bad (most of the time).

What do you think?


Julie said...

Ha ha, I love your answer to number 5. My feelings exactly. :)

bethany said...

*julie- haha!!! yes, I know right? they are hard!

Trish said...

I thought I had commented on this--guess not. All of those for number one are considered classics! I really like Dickens as well, but haven't read Tale of Two Cities. Classics scare me as well! I'm glad you'll be joining us!

bethany said...

trish- Tale of Two Cities is amazing, i loved it. LOVED IT! (it was a long time ago now though)

The Holistic Knitter said...

I loved Anna Karenina ... but I know what you mean about it being long! ;0)