Tuesday, November 4, 2008

where is my sticker?!


Poor is the community that has no heroes, poorer still is the one that having them, forgets.


VOTE! - I did. :)
We are lucky to have mail in votes here in Oregon...very lucky. The only thing we miss out on is the nifty "I voted" sticker...oh well.


Trish said...

i didn't realize I was actually registered until this afternoon! Luckily I live in a area where most everyone early votes so I didn't have to wait in any line at all! (and got a sticker). :) I was REALLY excited about the sticker...

Anonymous said...

oh! really really good!

Hope the best wins... but then I m scared if Obama wins and he stops all outsourcing :(

well i dnt wanna discuss it... it makes me really scared!