Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Life After Genius

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Title: Life After Genius
Author: M. Ann Jacoby
Pages: 401
Yearly Count b: 77

A brilliant first novel by M. Ann Jacoby. The portrayal of a lovable genius, Mead. Life After Genius is a mystery and thriller all at the same time. Mead, a genius in math and the sciences but finds his personal life quite lacking. He does not understand his parents, and they don't seem to understand him either. Mead has never had a best friend until Herman comes along in college. Is his friendship worth what Herman is asking of him? Mead can't help but get sucked into the trap over and over because he wants to believe he has a close friend, and Herman is as close as he has ever gotten to what is known as 'best friend'.

Through twists and turns Mead finds himself at home, running away from something, just a week before he is to graduate. The rest of the book leads the reader up to the reasons Mead would give his dreams up, and flee for home which is what he was trying to get away from for his whole life. Life After Genius is an exceptional portrayal of a misunderstood, and slightly (or immensely) taken advantage of genius. Everyone has their dreams for Mead, their goals he should reach but will his lack of social skills, and intuition be enabling or will that be his downfall?

I really liked it. I loved the quirky genius that Mead is, and how he relates (or doesn't relate) to life. I found myself wondering about him, about how he felt, and if he would make it. For most of the book you want to strangle everyone he comes into contact with, his mom, his uncle, his classmates, and especially Herman. Yet, Mead is such a lovable guy that this is not a downer of a book at all. It is like he is in a different space and time than everyone else around him, but is still affected by their treatment of him.

In an effort to just give this to one of my readers and not to just anyone, I am trying a new giveaway system, not so in your face, let me know what you think:

Want to win this? Comment by midnight on the 6th to enter.
I wish I could send it to any of you, but I am not sending it, the publisher is and they say: only US and Canada residents, and no P.O Boxes. I am sorry....I was an ex-pat at one point too.

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Anonymous said...

Don't enter me - I have the book. I too have modified my giveaways since your discussion - they don't run as long and there's no way to get an extra entry. No one's complained so far.

raidergirl3 said...

I'll enter the contest. thanks bethany, looks like a good book.

Anonymous said...

Yes please. :-)

Trixie said...

The book sounds interesting Bethany! And I like your thoughts about giveaways.

Anonymous said...

thats a nice book- i have read real nice reviews about it :-)

and this giveaway is so cool :)

i understand - that u can't send it to me :D but that's alright- mebbe some months later when i get it here ;) i will read it :)

beastmomma said...

The new method is very cool; I would like to win this book.