Monday, November 10, 2008

Like Water For Chocolate, Is it on your shelf?

If you have this on your shelf and haven't read it yet, bust it out and read it with us at 'travel the world (from a comfy chair)'. We will be reading and discussing it this month. Saddle on up!

Like Water for chocolate by Laura Esquivel @ Book Blog's group

Everyone welcome!!!

Are you in??


Ramya said...

am searching our library website right away to see if they have a copy!:)

Dar said...

Shoot, didn't realize we were looking for the next book already. I just put this one on hold at the library-should have it by the end of the week. Have you all started it already?

PS-I love the blue background color on your blog now-it looks awesome!

bethany said...

ramya- yay!! Hope you can join us :) Let me know!

dar- Oh, no worries, we are chill remember?(haha)...just for fun. Nope I have not started it. Veens read it in a day though! It isn't a difficult read, and it is pretty short.

I can't wait after seeing her review though!

Thanks, I am really liking the change of background as well :)

Anonymous said...

Ahha... guys u r LATE! Veens is already read and reviewed ti LOL!

Marg said...

I remember reading this book years ago and really enjoying it!