Saturday, November 29, 2008

Love and Biology at the Center of the Universe

Title: Love and Biology at the Center of the Universe
Author: Jennie Shortridge
Pages: 400
Yearly Count b: 86

Mira in her attempt to create a perfect life, alienates those around her when her only wish is that the family would actually be a unit, a bonded whole. Her daughter acts like she hates her and she soon finds out that her husband is just not feelin' the love either. Her world is shattered and in her attempt to cope she heads for Seattle, a land of coffee and rain sheds light on where she is at in her life.

Jennie Shortridge's writing is so down to earth, so beautiful and yet so captivating. The whole book I felt captivated by her characters and moved and stirred with them. I love the cover, coffee art is incredible. Take a look at one amazing cup of hot chocolate I got while at the Bipartisan Cafe...on stark, or something (in Portland). It is an amazing leaf! I wish I had been watching them, I had no idea to expect something so beautiful, and the flavour was just as good.
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I loved that the book takes place in my neighborhood so to speak, in northern Oregon, Portland and Seattle. These are places I have been so many times and love. I enjoyed the weather descriptions of this area and the mood of the places, so accurate.

I found myself so interested in the plot that it was what I thought about. When you want your life to be perfect, those in it to be perfect, will all the people involved be able to hold up under the pressure? Will you? I am not entirely sure she craved perfection though. But she did feel a need to control her surroundings. I know I do that, I like to have things be the way I like them. I could really relate to Mira, in her thoughts, desires and her desire to have things under her control. And I think most people, if not everyone have that fear that if someone really knows you, I mean really knows you that they would run as fast as they could. I really enjoyed reading this, as I said the writing is spectacular for its relatability and personal feel, Jennie does an exceptional job with character development. And the plot, is really good....I guess you'll just have to find out! A must read for sure!

I am the last stop on the TLC Tour, Hope you enjoyed the journey with us :) Happy reading!

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Anonymous said...

I love books that are set in places that are familiar to me too.

Laura said...

Every time I see this book, I am drawn to the cover! I love the leaf hot chocolate picture cool!

Anna said...

What a great review! Adding this one to my list for sure!

Diary of an Eccentric

Anonymous said...

Awesome review :) that 2nd pic is so cool :) thats beautiful!

Jennie Shortridge said...

Thanks so much for the very kind words about Love & Biology! It's always so amazing to hear a reader's sense of personal connection to a story that began as an idea I wondered if anyone would care about. . .
Cheers to you!