Friday, October 3, 2008

just so that all is clear: new siggies

Okay, so (B) has actually posted a couple of reviews, and I was trying to figure out a way so that it would be obvious which of us read the book and wrote the review, I think this will work. I made two siggies for us. One for Bookboy (B) and one for bookgirl (b). I also think it funny that bookboy and bookgirl both start with "B" but also that both our names start with "B" as well, mine (you already know) bethany, and his Brad. Anyway, so this is just heads up, ya know?

just in case you missed them, these were (B)'s recent reviews :
Front Porch Prophet
The Bible Salesman
The Whiskey Rebels


Ramya said...

you're such super cool graphics person now:) i love the distinction with the separate signatures.. i didnt realize that 2 of the 3 reviews were actually Brad's.. i has taken it for granted that it was you! now, this will make it all more clear!:) thanks!

bethany said...

haha! yeah, that program is really nice and fun. I love messing around with it!

Yeah, I am really hoping that it will make it easier for everyone to see. It is too complicated to explain that it is him every time.

Dar said...

You always have the coolest graphics. I'm just not that talented. lol. I love the new siggies.

unfinishedperson said...

Thanks, bethany and Brad. I'll have to go check your reviews out, Brad, tomorrow. It's a little late now...they crossed my radar in the reader, but I must have missed them.

Wait, I think I saw the Edgerton one on The Bible Salesman by Clyde Edgerton, an author whom always interested me because he's from North Carolina (isn't that where he's from?). Well, I'll go check out the review to make sure. Anyway, glad to see you both here and the graphics are great.

Anonymous said...

ahh! thats really cool.../

i really lov your graphics :)

which program do u use :)

bethany said...

dar- haha!! Thanks, very sweet you are.

unfinishedperson- so you came over!! it is a good thing you stopped by to harass :) haha. Yes, so B does do reviews sometimes. Now you know!;) (be sure that you caught the smiley face!!ha!)

veens- Thanks so much! oh, I use picknik and LOVE the program, it is amazing.

Ladytink_534 said...

These are cute!

Corinne said...

looks GREAT!! Thanks so much for teaching me those tricks friend!

Seachanges said...

Well, I've just put an order in for The Hiding Place: not only is the author a compatriot (yes, I'm Dutch) but she also shares my first name - I am fascinated! Of course!

Medbie said...

I really like the new look and the new siggies!