Saturday, October 18, 2008

Update 5: 3 books complete!

Personal Update: I at lunch, my tummy feels good. The food was yummy, and I did eat a little much. Oh, I have to tell is an interesting story:

I left my stuff at the restaurant after ordering, because they don't take debit and I always forget that. I walked around the back of the restaurant strip mall and down the block to the bank atm.

On my way back I see a man yelling outside of a different restaurant (a pizza restaurant if you are interested) and since I had to walk by I asked him if he was okay, since I saw what he saw just before he almost steped on it. He looked down and said, " Are you?" I looked to his feet where he was looking and their was a dead rat! He asked me what it was, I said: "That's a rat". "A RAT!" he says, and I answer, "It's okay", thinking he was scared of it. He looks at me and kicks it against the trash can with a PLUNK, saying: " oh, we'd better get rid of that, girls are scared by them, and we don't want them to see them". I couldn't help but thinking, "did I almost step on that when I walked by the first time?" How on earth could I have not, unless it literally died in 1.5 minutes. It was sick. I went inside MY restaurant to find my yellow tofu curry, which is what I always order. I was starving, but somehow I couldn't get the rat out of my mind. Where had it eaten the poison that it had died from? I'd hope that it ate it in the alley where it was found...but there was no way to know! Anyway, I gobbled my curry. A rat is a rat, right?

How did you like my adventure? Anyway...I am currently quite content. I am actually sitting in my car. It is nice and quiet and warm.

Book update: I finished David Sadaris' book Holidays on Ice. Oh, I loved the stories, but one in particular called : Christmas Means Giving.
Have you read it? Oh, it is a must story....quite an ingesting look on motives behind giving. I enjoyed it. So I am currently at: 533 pages and 3 complete books :)

Currently I am going to start reading dating da vinci by malena lott. I think it is a good light read for me right now. After that I am trying to decide between: the Saffron kitchen by Yasmin Crowther, The Pearl by Steinbeck, and Night by Elie Weisel. However, I only have an hour before I need to head home and hang out with the boys so my hubby can go to a prayer meeting. I will check back then. :)

Thanks to all you commenters!!!! you are INCREDIBLE!!!

[readathonbutton.JPG] [water+crisis+sm.jpg]

I have now earned $93.00 for clean water worldwide!!!
Plus trish is adding in $5 for every book she finishes!! That brings the clean water total to:
$98.00 so far! (make sure you go cheer her on!!)

Where will the dinero ($) go? It will go to an organization I have become quite passionate about. I will be giving it to Living Water International an amazing organization funding the building of wells all over the world in developing nations.

(there is still time to sponsor me!!!)


Anonymous said...

Go bethany!

Everywhere we go
People want to know
Who we are so we tell them
We are the Readers
The mighty mighty Readers!

Sarah G said...

Great job reading, and giving to a great cause!

Dar said...

That's quite the story Bethany-a rat-yuck! Congrats on 3 books-that's so awesome. Night is a pretty intense read but fast. Keep it up girl!

Marg said...

I have seen someone somewhere who is titling all their Read-a-thon posts RAT, so you are even still on theme!

Keep up the great work!

Ronda's Rants said...

Boo Rats...Yeah Readers!!!
Yeah clean water for matter where you live!

Anonymous said...

I got Holidays on Ice a long time ago, but I'm saving it to read for closer to the holidays. I'm glad it's good!

Good luck for the rest of the Read-a-Thon and don't end up like this...

Kim at Sophisticated Dorkiness

Anonymous said...


softdrink...thats a cool poem!! cool... i might want to copy THAT ;) :)

i m a copy-CAT LOL!

Rat ....cheee!! i hate them :( yah it dies in the alley..of course.. and if it was poison...they filled poison in the food and put t outside, so it iwlleat and die...
i m sure... so dnt worry

i love that 1st pic... u look so cute :-)

read on read on!!!

98$!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

read on read on read on!!!

tick tack tick tack tick tack!

whats up whats up?!

i m heading NOW to get ready :)

i will be back!

tick tack tick tack!

read on read on!

Anonymous said...

Q. Why does an elephant use his trunk as a bookmark?
A. That way he always nose where he stopped reading.


So which book did you choose to start next??

Trish said...

Ewwwww--a rat is definitely not something you want to see in proximity to food!!