Wednesday, October 22, 2008

210 people will now have clean water, thanks to you.

Thank you, THANK YOU! There is no way I can tell you just how amazing it has been to see your generosity for people around the world to be able to drink clean water! Thank you for giving to Living Water International. When I set the initial goal of $100.0o I thought that that was high, half way through the read-a-thon I knew that we would break that easy. I then set the goal fund raising target at $200.00. I am excited to announce that we have broken that goal as well. We are currently at a total of $210.16, and not even all the funds are in yet. Check out the sidebar widget!!!

So in raising $210.16 we have given clean water to 210 people for one year!!! Yes, each dollar is enough to give one person clean water for an entire year!!!

Here are my amazing financial supporters, you all are amazing!

Bill and Diane


Looking ahead...
$1 per book, in 2009:
I am going to give one dollar per book for every book I read all through next year, 2009. Consider joining me. Yes, it is great to read about international hardship, to become educated and know what is happening worldwide, but to stop there is to be powerless. To know of desperation and not make a change is a hopeless place. Knowing about the need is not enough. Knowing is half, doing is the other half. I know many of you support different organizations, and charities. That is great!

However, Consider joining me, one dollar for every book. If you join with me in supporting Living Water International that would mean for every book you read you'd be giving one person clean water for the entire year!

I will make the official announcement in December. Think about it.


Anonymous said...

Well done.

bethany said...

bermudaonion- thank you!! :) The group did a great job!

Corinne said...

I love what you are doing. I just looked through all your read a thon posts and HOLY COW. You are one hardcore woman. I'm proud to "know" you :)

Trish said...

Too awesome!!