Saturday, October 18, 2008

Un-update for me, a HUGE update for CLEAN WATER!!

how could anyone get anything done with these guys floating around!?! :)

Okay, you are wondering what I am up to...well not much. (but now I will be) I have only read 70 pages since my last update (that was 4 hours ago!). I only read that much because I needed to come home and hang out with the boys, give them baths and get them off to bed. They should be in a coma by now, so we are good :)

BUT did you see that Trish completed another book for the clean water cause!!! YAY! Do you know what that means!?!?!?! that means that we have already conquered the goal I put in. I didn't know what to put. I thought $100.00 would be high....but YAY!!!!! You all are so awesome!
I am going to UP the STAKES :) for Clean Water OOOOH, does that sound scary?? Not a huge deal, but I want your comments to count as well! So for each comment I get during the read-a-thon I am going to donate $.10 (ten cents) to Living Water International . Currently I have gotten 90 comments so that is: $9.00 more!!! SO KEEP 'EM COMING!
Do you want to join in on this?? You could do $.10 per comment on your blog durring the read-a-thon, or you can match mine for the comments on my blog. Or, you could come up with something I haven't even thought of...and let me know!! :) See how fun and creative this can be!!

[readathonbutton.JPG] [water+crisis+sm.jpg]

I have now earned $93.00 for clean water worldwide!!!
Plus the comments, 89 comments at $.10 each adds $9.00!
Plus trish is adding in $5 for every book she finishes!! That brings the clean water total to:
$112.00 so far!

Where will the dinero ($) go? It will go to an organization I have become quite passionate about. I will be giving it to Living Water International an amazing organization funding the building of wells all over the world in developing nations.


Dar said...

The boys are such sweeties. I was wondering where you had gone off too. It's 9pm here and I'm doing some reading too. YOu are doing so awesome!

Laura said...

Your kiddos look like so much fun! They are so cute--and more than a handful, I'm sure! :)

Anonymous said...

wow!! up the STAKES>. ok lemme bombard u with commenst :D at least i m doing it for a worthy cause.. and hey J and O are such cutie PIES!


ok now on read on!!

112.10$ YAY!!!

good work B... i m really really GLAD!

Anonymous said...

i will be BACK after a short HIATUS!

take care! 3 cheers to u
read on read on read on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You are doing fanastic!!

here's another bad joke for you:

Q. What did the detective do when he didn't believe the librarian's story?
A. He booked her!

Anonymous said...

Good luck!

Marg said...

Well done on raising so much cash! Keep up the good work.

Trish said...

Woohoo!!! Just think about how much with still several hours to go. :D

You rock!

tanabata said...

You're doing great! Keep up the good work.

And your boys are adorable!

Dewey said...

That's such a great cause to read for! Keep your eye out for a special drawing just for fundraisers later.

beatrice said...

thanks for donating

Leena said...

Aww your kids are very cute and thanks for donating