Sunday, October 19, 2008

Update 7: slowy getting....sleepy...

Book update: I just finished my 4th book :) I am pretty happy about that. My page totals are at: 813 pages total for the day. I am hoping to get to 1000...but we'll see if I don't pass out here soon :) I am starting Monique and the Mango Rains by Kris Holloway. It isn't very long, but my attention span is short. Let's see who wins!

Personal update: I am getting pretty sleepy. It isn't horribly late, (almost 2am) but I did have to get up and read at 5 am Oregon time this morning. Is anyone still awake? Rock on if you are. Only 3 hours left!!!
[readathonbutton.JPG] [water+crisis+sm.jpg]

I have now earned $124.00 for clean water worldwide!!!
Plus the comments, 115 comments at $.10 each adds $11.50!
Plus trish is adding in $5 for every book she finishes (3 so far)!! That brings the clean water total to:
$150.50 so far!

Where will the dinero ($) go? It will go to an organization I have become quite passionate about. I will be giving it to Living Water International an amazing organization funding the building of wells all over the world in developing nations.


katrina said...

only a few more hours to go, looks like you're doing well

Marg said...

This video update is a great idea!

Not long to go now!

Marg said...

Meant to ask...who is the author of that book?

Ronda's Rants said...

You have done a great job...I love your video girl...I would look like a disaster...and you just look cute!!!
You have done a fine and wonderful thing today! Email me and let me know how to give you the money!
After you have had lots of sleep!

Anonymous said...

OHHH!! i finally get see you!!!!! AWESOME..and it was such a sweet video... u r sooo cute!

1 more minute to go right?! r u still AWAKE!?

i m sooooo very proud of u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

good JOB!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

it is OVER read-a-thon is FINALLY OVER

r u sleeping ... of course :D LOL!

have a good sleep :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! 4 books - that's awesome.

Dar said...

Bethany, you rock girl. I'm so proud of you. The video was awesome-you're such a sweetie. Congrats on finishing all those books. Maybe next time I will join in.

Trish said...

First--you are a cutie patootie! Second--you're awesome! And to make a video at 2 your time? :) I love the idea of doing a video update--I hope you do more of them next time.