Thursday, September 18, 2008

the bible salesman
Title: The Bible Salesman
Author: Clyde Edgerton
Pages: 256
Publisher: little brown company

I am honestly having a very hard time deciding what to write about this book. It was pleasant enough - a short, fairly enjoyable little read. There are also some very funny parts. But after finishing the last page I felt unsatisfied, as if I needed to go back to read the book again to see if I missed anything.

The plot centers on Henry, who is a young traveling (and less than honest) Bible salesman. He gets unwittingly mixed up with a car thief named Clearwater, and the two of them set off across the countryside, causing trouble, looking for love, and ultimately finding themselves in a cliffhanger at the end of the book.

All of that sounds fairly interesting and exciting, but it somehow amounts to less than exciting and interesting in the book. Edgerton alternates constantly between Henry's present and his childhood, and to me this slowed the pace of the book down too much.

I don't mean to be too harsh on this book, because Edgerton is obviously a very good writer. I may just need to read another book by him, because I don't think this is his best effort.

If you read this book and disagree, I'd love to hear your take.

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Dar said...

I haven't read this one yet but I've seen it all over. I'm not sure I would read it after your review-at least not now with everything else to read. It is true-sometimes a lot is taken away from a story if they go back and forth between the past and present too often. You never really get to plant your mind anywhere for long enough.

Tricia said...

I left you an award. :)

bethany said...

Sorry this wasn't your favourite book B. So happy you are reviewing with me though!! Thanks-a-ton :)

unfinishedperson said...

Brad: There you are. Sorry, I doubted your existence. I have a feeling Edgerton is that way. He's a pleasant enough writer, but his books seem a little slowly paced. That might be though because if I remember right he's from North Carolina.