Tuesday, September 2, 2008

bloggie buddies :)

I just got this prize from Ramya, this is what she said about it: I created a little award that I would like to pass on to three of my favorite book bloggers to mark my three year blog-anniversary! This was one of the toughest decisions I have EVER had to make but I finally picked three of my favorite bloggers. They have gone out of their way in making my reading a wonderful experience for me! Thank you so much you guys!!

Thanks Ramya- right back at ya!!!

Here are my faves :)

Ramya's Bookshelf
Trish's Reading Nook
The Literate Housewife Review


beastmomma said...

You are too kind to me Bethany! I really appreciate the mention. Also, I received my book win this afternoon. Thank you for that as well!!!

Anonymous said...

What a way to start the day! Thank you so much! I love it! You know that you do the same for me.

Ramya said...

thank you so much!:)

Trish said...

Thank you Bethany!! Book blogging certainly wouldn't be half as much fun without all of the wonderful people who make it what it is (including you!!!). And I got Belonging in the mail yesterday--thank you so much. I've flipped through it and can't wait to read some of it. :)