Thursday, July 3, 2008

Shopaholic Takes Manhattan (july book 1)

Title: Shopaholic Takes Manhattan
Author: Shopie Kinsella
Yearly Count: 38

Honestly, what can I say....a guilty pleasure or brainless?! Oh, well I still enjoy a sit-com book every once in a while. Becky gets into trouble again, and we all know what will happen then...she'll figure it all out in the end. I do enjoy these, but nothing is gained from them at all, seriously nothing.

I can't help but be pretty annoyed that she can do whatever she wants financially and in the end it all works itself out!! Now, if that is not a fairytale book than what is?! I would hope that people who are living in the real world would understand the concept of overdraft fees, delinquent bank accounts, overdrawn, and maxed out line of credit!!!! Ah, it freaks me out that probably some people read these and think that things really do end up tied in a neat bow even if you outrageously over spend, that things will all be fine in the end. So, yeah..that I do not like about this series of books.

And that is all I have to say about that...


Josette said...

Yeah, it's kinda true. Becky gets to buy whatever she wants and she gets to spend her money unnecessarily. Then she gets broke but in the end, everything's spic and span again for her. Oooh, wouldn't anyone *love* to be in her shoes?? :D Hmm, actually I don't think so.

Ramya said...

i've read all the shopaholic books and i totally loved the series! it was such a light and joyful read and every book had a happy ending and you feel nice when you put it down!! enjoyable, right??

Anna said...

I agree with your take on this book, but I've read the entire series and enjoyed it very much. It was great light reading. And the character of Becky is just so ridiculous you have to laugh.