Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Society of S (july book 3)

Title: The Society of S
Author: Susan Hubbard
Pages: 312
Yearly Count: 40

I have never read a vampire book before, and I was a little nervous about reading this one, I am easily spooked. I loved this book though, it was such a great read. Ari, is trying to figure out who she is, her father has always done strange things, and cannot go outside in the daytime, but what about her? Up until now she has not been affected by these strange habits and is quite normal, in the Society of S she finds out who she really is and what that means for her future. Susan Hubbard does an incredible job of telling a tale in which vampires are trying to cope with life, and learn to live with humans. Interested in how that goes for them? Read it!! It is not a blood-sucking gore of a book, but one that develops the characters, lets you feel for them and allows room for wiggle, and in the case of Ari that gives way to hopes and dreams that she longs to reach for.

I think I loved this book because it was so different than anything else I had read before. But also because Ari loves reading, education and is very mature for her age. It is well written, and just takes you in and asks you to have a seat (and stay for a long, long time!). I am so thankful that softdrink over at Fizzy Thoughts was sweet enough to send this on to me :) (THANK YOU!!!) Softdrink also sent me the next book in the series The Year of Disappearances, which I am so SUPER excited to read as well!!

I know that right now there is the Twilight series that is HUGE, have you read that!? I am considering it, but I am a little nervous that it would be too scary, what are your thoughts on that series? I know it is YA, but still. Have you read other vampire stories that you were surprised by, that you loved? Tell me about them, I'd love to find some more stories that I could read.

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have you reviewed this too, tell me.


Anonymous said...

Oh whew...I'm glad you liked it! I was a little nervous that you wouldn't.
I love the Twilight books. The characters are more teenage-y, but then they are YA books.

Jessica said...

I love the Twilight series, although I was very skeptical at first since I don't usually read either vampire or YA books. But what I thought would just be a fun, light summer read turned out out to be a book that I really got into and I quickly read all three.

I don't think they are very scary, more character driven and definitely more light than dark.

Anonymous said...

I def didn't think the Twilight books were scary. Maybe a little tense at times, but not scary.

Iliana said...

I do like a good vampire story so I would recommend the Twilight books (especially the first one)... I loved Society of S. Sometimes with vampire books you feel like it's all the same or everything has been done before and I thought this one definitely stood out. A sequel is coming out soon!

Anonymous said...

Personally, I didn't like the Twilight books. I don't think they really qualify as vampire books so much as a teenage romance series in which some of the characters happen to be vampires. I reviewed Eclipse for my Sunday Salon post yesterday. You might want to check it out and stick to the real vampire books :)

Dar said...

I really enjoy vampire books. I'm going to add this to TBR shelf. You might want to look into the Betsy series by MaryJanice Davidson. There's I think 7 books now. These are quite funny for the most part.

Margay said...

Two words: READ TWILIGHT! It is phenomenal and so engrossing that you won't be able to put it down. As are the follow-ups, New Moon and Eclipse.

bethany said...

softdrink_ yes....truly I did.THANK YOU!!!!

jessica_ oh, good! I am on hold at the may take a while thoguh.

kbookreivews_that is good to know, I am spooked easily, and it does not help that I have one of the most vivid imaginations known to man (woman)!!

iliana_I think I own the sequel. Softdirink sent it to me, it is called The Year of Disappearances. I can't wait!

readerville_ yes, I would agree that they are more books that contain vampires. In all honestly however, I highly doubt I would make it through a hardcore vampire book...I am terrified so easily! Do you have any mild suggestions??

dar_ I will check them out!! Thanks for the titles! there is nothing like a good book :)

margay_ I am on the waiting list at the lib, it is a long list...but at some point I will get to read them!! (Oh, and I can't get to your blog to leave you a comment..if you read this give me your link, I'd love to visit!!)

thanks to you are super!

Corinne said...

So, I don't know what my problem is - I've never heard of this one, but it's going on my list now :)

tanabata said...

This sounds really good. I'd never read a vampire book before last year but I think I'm a convert! :P

Hillary said...

I love love love LOVE vampire stories. As long as you stick to YA books you will be fine. The other books has some sensitive stuff in it. I hope you find more that you like!