Saturday, July 12, 2008

Excellence in Blogging

Looky here folks! I got an award! oh, this is too fun.
The Literate Housewife gave me this super cool Blogging Excellence award, and said this about my bloggy-blog:

B&b ex libris ~ Bethany has a wonderful, warm book blog. She writes some great reviews and from time to time we’re treated with pictures. I really enjoyed the read-a-thon. Her pictures were really portraits of the reader as a young woman. Bethany won my Mrs. Lieutenant contest and I’m looking forward to talking about the book with her when that time comes.

Can you believe it!?!?! YAY! I am just incredibly blessed, this is too sweet.

Here is my list 5 of tag-you're-it amazing blogs that I love:

  • oh, I love this blog, I love the diversity and Diane's reviews and just so much about it. Oh, and the super-cool header with the goldfish and the really fun goldfish awards she gives out to her favourite books. just superfastic.
  • Ramya's Bookshelf..
  • This is the sweetest reader and reviewer ever! Ramya is so excellent in all that she does, it is fascinating to see. I love her blog and her quiet, sweet spirit. She has really good taste in books too! Ramya is amazing.
  • oh yes of course Corinne! I love the book enthusiasm, the really insightful reviews, and her encouragement! Corinne's Book Nest is always jam packed with splendid reviews. It seems to me we have pretty similar tastes as well, which always makes it fun :)
  • Trish's Reading Nook
  • Trish's Reading Nook is what introduced me to book blogging, I had no idea this wonderful world existed. I love reading Trish's reviews, and enjoy that she comments back. Another superfastic blog!
  • Beastmomma
  • I love the Beastomomma site, it has so much more than most blogs, a discussion board, her thoughts, her reviews and so much more! I so enjoy reading her reviews and listening to her thoughts about "the food police" (let's hope her mom never figures out how to get to her blog:)! A wonderful world is Beastmomma.

there are many more blogs that I love. but as the literate housewife said, "I really should leave some blogs for my well-deserved recipients to nominate". However, no tagging necessary when you win this award...but it is fun to pass the love around!



Anonymous said...

Bethany, you deserve it!!! I can't wait to explore the blogs you've awarded both honors.

Trish said...

You are excellent!! I'm so glad that you've joined this little world. :) And thanks for the shout out--totally makes my day. I'm still playing catch up with my blogging (groan--I don't think I've done very much reading OR blogging since that silly read-a-thon!!), so I'm glad I didn't miss this. :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the award. =)

Carmen T

Dar said...

Congrats Bethany! You're having a good week with awards. I agree though-I look forward to seeing what you've posted every day. Now I'm going to peek at the blogs you've tagged.

Debi said...

Oh yes, yes, yes...this award is so meant for you! It's always such a treat to pop over here!

Corinne said...

YAY!! You're an AWARD WINNER!! Good for you friend, and THANKS MUCH for passing on the love.

Ramya said...

CONGRATS!!!!:) you totally deserve the award and all the compliments that go with it! i agree with every word! and thank you soo much for thinking about me when passing along your compliments to me!!!:)i am soo thrilled!!:) thanks girl!!:)

beastmomma said...

Congratulations on the award and THANK YOU so much for giving me a shout out! I just got in from an EXHAUSTING journey through the land of flight delays and this is a wonderful treat!!