Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Skunk: A Love Story

Title: Skunk: A Love Story
Author: Justin Courter
Pages: 347
Yearly Count: 43
(july blowout book 6)

Obsessions are either understood by those around us or they are not. Addictions are the same, but to love anything too much is more danger than it is worth. Not for Damien, the main man in this book, Skunk: A Love Story. Damien is unhealthily obsessed with the smell of skunks, their "musk" and anything skunk related, this novel is about how his life goes and flows because of it. A tale of life with an addiction that is not understood by anyone, and ridiculed by everyone. Witty, fun, silly and mostly just insane this is a book unlike anything I have enjoyed.

My relationship with Skunk was a stop and go type of time. I loved it, then it seemed to move too slowly, then I loved it, then I didn't then.., well you get the idea, yeah? Much of the time it felt like there was a little something missing, and I cannot put a finger on it. The voice of the narrator reminded me (for all you TV folk) of that of Dwight Schrute off of the splendid show The Office. He is similar in the way he speaks, in his weirdness and just too much to mention. I enjoyed the voice, but sometimes I felt like I needed to be told the same story from the perspective of a more balanced individual.

No matter what, this was one of the most entertaining books I have read so far this year. It held tons of laughs, tons of weirdness and the feeling of too many salami sandwiches much too late at night.

Thank you Diane, for sending me this book!!! What a hoot it was!

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Anonymous said...

Okay, that is a completely bizarre premise for a novel. The cover is perfect for it, too. It does sound like a lot of fun and even your review will make me laugh the next time I pass a dead skunk in the middle of the road. It's making me laugh without it. Thanks for the review!

Jen - Devourer of Books said...

That is strange beyond words and I must read it! Off to add it to the old wishlist...

Corinne said...

Wow. Weirdness. I do love Dwight (as much as you can "love" Dwight, hee hee)- so maybe I'd like this book :)

Dar said...

This definitely sounds like an odd story. Weird obsession I must say-skunks. lol. I'll have to look into this one day for something different. Interesting cover too. Thanks for the review.

Ramya said...

surprisingly, i actually want to read this book! and right away! the title, your review and thr story line have all made me extremely curious!!:)
btw, i came to your blog to tell you that i got the book you sent me!! thank you sooo much! i am soo excited!:)

Stephanie said...

Oh, that sounds so cute! I'm going to have to read that. When I lived in CT, we had a skunk that used to eat out of our garbage can right by our door, and he wouldn't even blink as I went in and out the door. He was adorable, and I actually miss him.

My husband actually likes the scent of skunks. :)

Trish said...

Ha ha...Dwight sure does have a distinct voice! This one sounds like fun and I *love* the cover!!