Saturday, July 26, 2008

pretty blog awards

HAHAH, yay! I won NaNoWriMo this year and I got a shirt to prove it!!
I wrote over 50,000 words in one month, I wrote a novel in a month! :)

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here is my blogged rating!!

B&b ex libris at Blogged

Arte y Pico Award

I am proud to display this trophy....the Arte y Pico Award, bestowed upon my by Diane at carp(e) libris reviews!!! Here is what she said about B&b ex libris:
B&b ex libris of Oregon - She writes great reviews of books that take you all over the world, and I love her selection. Hey, with titles like “A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian,” how can you not be curious?
Anyway, it is a pretty little treasure that I am honoured to receive...sweetness, my first ever award!!!

Looky here folks! I got an award! oh, this is too fun.
The Literate Housewife gave me this super cool Blogging Excellence award, and said this about my bloggy-blog:

B&b ex libris ~ Bethany has a wonderful, warm book blog. She writes some great reviews and from time to time we’re treated with pictures. I really enjoyed the read-a-thon. Her pictures were really portraits of the reader as a young woman. Bethany won my Mrs. Lieutenant contest and I’m looking forward to talking about the book with her when that time comes.

Can you believe it!?!?! YAY! I am just incredibly blessed, this is too sweet.

YAY! Thank you gals~
I was nominated by Dar at Peeking Between the Pages for this award a while back and I spaced writing a blog about it! seriously, that is horrible. Also Ronda from Ronda's Rants nominated me at the same time. If you click on those links you will be taken to over a month ago in their blogs....what a kind of a blogger friend am I to neglect this for so long. So sorry, very sorry to you both.

I just got this prize from Ramya's Bookshelf, this is what she said about it: I created a little award that I would like to pass on to three of my favorite book bloggers to mark my three year blog-anniversary! This was one of the toughest decisions I have EVER had to make but I finally picked three of my favorite bloggers. They have gone out of their way in making my reading a wonderful experience for me! Thank you so much you guys!!

Thanks Ramya- right back at ya!!!

I feel so honoured, I received this award from Ramya, Tricia, literate housewife, Amanda, and Avis
Thank you so much!!! I love awards :)

So the low down is: You can nominate or not, post it or not, this gift comes with no strings attached :) just enjoy.It seems this is going around, so I am not going to worry if those who I nominate have it already, here it goes:

Ramya's Bookshelf.
I enjoy the honesty, and the time she puts into each of her reviews. I love that she is interested in people around the world, and that she has been one of the greatest supporters of my orbis terrarum challenge. She recently even updated her blog, it is beautiful in its simplicity and design :) We recently bonded over blog design as well.

Caravana de recuerdos
This is not only a book blog, but there are tons of amazing books reviewed there. It is something of a celebration of sorts. I love that Caravana reviews books in Spanish and English and watches movies and gives reviews and insight. R-LO found me a while back, and I am so happy he did! He makes me feel a little piece of "at home" whenever I read a Spanish tid-bit on his blog. Se habla espaƱol, I heart bilingual :)

The Book Lady's Blog
Since book blogs are all about reviews, this lady writes some of my favourite reviews, and therefore I have to include her. I don't know her as well as I know the rest of the peeps mentioned here, but I am over and over again stunned by her high-quality, reviews and choices for books. I always check to see what new stuff she has going on, and there is always something worth checking!!!!

Just A (Reading) Fool
I know Just a reading fool does not actually accept awards...but I want to put him on my list of praise anyway :) (I do not want you to accept this award...but your blog is too great for me to not include it!!!!) There are so many women book bloggers, and amongst a sea of us there is Just a (Reading) Fool. I love the perspective he brings, the reviews he writes and even his selection of books. We have read several books together for our online book club and he brings loads of insight. I do heart your blog :)

The Literate Housewife Review
I heart her blog, her comments, and her supa- positive outlook :) She recently posted pics of herself at the National Book Festival, her smiles will tell you she is an authentic book lover! I am in her book club, and love seeing the amazing things that she does for this book community. She reads, she blogs and she does it with elegance and supa-style. Thanks Housewife, for being so truly literate!!!

Maw Books Blog
I heart her blog for several reasons, but the most important one is that she doesn't just read, she doesn't just blog. She goes all out and crates a movement, an amazing place where you can learn, donate, and share about the atrocities of Darfur. There are many people who can talk the talk, but Maw books goes beyond, much, much beyond that to walk the walk. We can all read about all the horrors of the world and say : "oh, now, isn't that sad...things really need to change", or we could change them. Yes Maw is changing things. I wish I could have helped out this time, but her event for Darfur caught me by surprise...I dream of putting something on like this, and she did it. I heart Maw Books.

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