Friday, July 11, 2008

Carp(e) libris awarded me the Arte y Pico Award

I am proud to display this trophy....the Arte y Pico Award, bestowed upon my by Diane at carp(e) libris reviews!!! Here is what she said about B&b ex libris:
B&b ex libris of Oregon - She writes great reviews of books that take you all over the world, and I love her selection. Hey, with titles like “A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian,” how can you not be curious?
Anyway, it is a pretty little treasure that I am honoured to receive...sweetness, my first ever award!!!

Here are the five people who I love to read, who's artisticness blasts me and to whom I wish to award this award given to me, or I could also say "these is my peeps":
bookgirl's nightstand
beautiful blog, packed tight with talent and books. she makes books, reads books and loves books. I enjoy the reviews she writes and the beauty of her site

The Literate Housewife
brilliant, informative and always contains something new. She is fun to read, and I really like her book choices.

Fizzy Beverage
I love reading softdrink's reviews, and she has tons of fun giveaways (which I enjoy winning:) Just all around super spiffy!

Hey Lady! Whatcha Readin'?
I love the artistic layout of her pages, and she is SUPER witty and fun! she always has something fun to say, and I enjoy reading it!

A High and Hidden Place
I just started reading this blog, but the pictures are beautiful, the layout sweet and...I just love it.

Thank you Diane, I love this award it is so pretty :)


beastmomma said...

Congratulations that is wonderful and well deserved. Diane has terrific taste!

Dar said...

Congrats! You do have an awesome blog!

bethany said...

beastmomma + dar - you are so super sweet!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is freakin' awesome!

Congratulations and thank you!! I'll be blogging about this tomorrow.

trish said...

Awww!! You're so great! I'll blog about this soon...and I'll definitely have nice things to say about you, too. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and THANK YOU so much! It is so pretty!!!!

Iliana said...

Congrats to you Bethany and aren't you a sweet for passing it on. I'm sorry I'm just now catching up on the posts... had been down with allergies but am finally getting back on track :)

Heather said...

Oh wow, thank you!! You just made my day! That was so sweet of you to think of little ole me.