Sunday, July 13, 2008

sunday salon and last day for my GIVEAWAY!

The Sunday
since our last chatty-chat I have read and reviewed a couple of books and am working on my third, here are the links to my reviews:
The Society of S by Susan Hubbard
Did I Expect Angels? by Kathryn Maughan
Both books were very good, I breezed right through them and the fully kept my undivided attention (which many times takes some doing!)
I am currently about 90 pages from finishing Vanishing Moon by Joseph Coulson which is so well written I could scream! I will write a review later on this week, you have to be sure to check that one out.

Other stuff has gone on this week, I got two blog awards, and I finished up a giveaway...oh, but I have another one!!
You have to be sure to head over to the Did I Expect Angels?GIVEAWAY and comment to be entered in the giveaway!! The book blew me away, you are sure to want a chance to win it!! Today is the last day, so do it now!!! (I will select a winner tomorrow)

I will write another post later on today...but just wanted to get word out about the giveaway! :)


Anonymous said...

I was looking at your sidebar of books you've read and was amazed! You've been busy this year!

cpullum said...

I love to read!! count me in!

Debi said...

Oh, I must go read your Society of S review. I picked that one up on a whim from the bargain books section at B&N, but really have never heard anything about it before.