Thursday, July 31, 2008

Title: The Alchemist
Author: Paulo Coelho
Pages: 208
Yearly Count: 44
(Book 7 for July Blowout)

A fable, a mystery, a hidden treasure...what is there to not like!? I actually listened to this on my way to and from picking berries (so far I have picked over 70 lbs., for our family and friends) I was immediately captivated by the tale of a boy, a Shepard who follows a dream of reached potential to a land faraway and unknown. He leaves what he does now, and what is comfortable to reach what may not even really be there. I cannot resist the talk of omens, and personal legends, and magical stones and dreams, and love which so saturates the pages of this short novel.

Personally I enjoyed listening to it, it felt like an ancient tale told to me by a egyptian storyteller. I felt the beauty of the language and the force of the legend.

However if you are not into dreams, and somewhat mystical tales...sit this one out, because that is what it is. I wonder though, if those of you who are not would be won over by the smooth words of Coelho. It is always worth a try! I loved it, and completely recommend it :) I haven't ever read a Paulo Coelho book before, and now I am a Cohelo believer, I am interested in what other really good books he has written. Do you have any recommendations?

Have you read this book? Tell me what you thought, or give me your link and I will post it here!

The Alchemist also reviewed by:
Bart's Bookshelf


Bart's Bookshelf said...

I've not really read another of his that I've really enjoyed as much as "The Alchemist". Probably, "Veronika Decides to Die" is the closet I've got. However I've got, "Eleven Minutes", on my list for, Orbis Terrarum! so who knows! :)

(You can take a look at what I thought, here.

Ronda's Rants said...

My daughter gave me the Alchemist after she ahd finished it...she loved it and she wanted to know what I and her father thought of it. We both liked it...but we accepted it for what we thought it was, for us... a beautiful fable.
I envy your picking berries...How fun?

Dar said...

I've heard so much about this one Bethany. I do love fables and definitely love anything mystical. This one was featured on the booksite in Canada for quite a while so I may have to give it a go after reading your review which was great by the way.

What kind of berries have you been out picking? We've got raspberry bushes out in our back yard and boy have they been producing a pile of berries this year.

bethany said...

bart's bookshelf- well, that is a bummer. this one was a great read, and I just assumed that then all his books would be great. Thanks for the recommendation. I'll check out your review as well :)

ronda- huh, I guess I don't know what else someone could get from it. It is a tale of hope, of life and of dreams pursued, and reminds me of a biblical parable. I am curious as to what others think it is!??
oh yes berries!!!
dar- you would like it then. I think those really into real stuff might get annoyed a little but maybe not. It really is worth the read though, I loved it.

Berries: we have been picking blueberries, raspberries, boysenberries, merionberries, I think that is it. I have over 70 lbs. either in jam form or frozen in my freezer!!! I love harvest time.:) Yes, raspberries are incredible!! I love freezing them and dumping them in lemonade frozen, thus creating raspberry lemonade, delish. oh, and raspberry jam is incredible.
We are beyond blessed to live in oregon, where berries are huge and juicy...too good.

Ramya said...

i loved the alchemist but i havent written a review about it as yet.. waiting to read it once more before writing about it.. you should read the witch of portobello.. i have the review in my blog.. i'd be interested to see what you thought of it:)
i am a coehlo fan.. solely for the fact that his books can be soo different!

Tricia said...

I read this earlier this year and loved it.

beastmomma said...

I have not read any of his other works, but I thought this book was incredible!

bethany said...

ramya- craziness! this will be your 4th time, right!? I can't wait to see YOUR review!! I have seen reviews of The Witch of Portobello and it does seem to be another one people like. Thanks for the recommendation!

tricia- I will check out your review! thanks for the heads up.I am glad you loved it is a deep and fun read.

Kathleen said...

Lol I'm not going to lie. The only reason I have this (the audio version that is) is because Itunes was letting people download it for free-- and Jeremy Irons was reading it. I love Jeremy's voice. I haven't listened to the whole thing yet though. Glad you enjoyed :)

chica said...

I haven't read any of his other works. This is definitely one I enjoyed a lot. Since I had heard of it as a inspirational book, I sort of expected something with quotes, advice, that sort of things and didn't think it would be much. But this was such a fresh book it completely surprised me.

Medbie said...

Sold! I'm adding this one to my list!

Marg said...

I haven't read anything else by him yet, but really enjoyed this one when I read it in my pre blogging days.

katrina said...

I really enjoyed this, my review is here:
The Devil and Miss Prym is also a great read, and I have a few others on mount tbr

Josette said...

I thought this book was certainly unique. Not like the other books I've read! Here's my review of it. :D I'm glad you like this book.

Ramya said... is a small book and not too tough to read right?? so..yeah..will be reading it again definitely..will let you know when i am doing it.. the classics challenge is totally slowing me down.. trying to read 1984 and its been a slow reading week for me!!

Trish said...

Mmmm, berries! I have heard so much about this one--I'm not sure what's been keeping me from devouring it! My friend also recently listened to it and really enjoyed it as well. I'll definitely have to check this one out!

Ronda's Rants said...

What I meant about accepting it for what I thought it was...too many conservative Christians have said that is was about witchcraft reminded me of The Little Prince and I loved it!

Trixie said...

OOO...I'm reading this now. It's right next to me.

Iliana said...

I'm planning to read this one too for the Orbis challenge. Glad to hear you liked it!
I've only read one of his other books, Veronika Decides to Die, and I would recommend it.

bethany said...

beastmomma- you should certainly give it a try!

kathleen- that is why I got it too! because it was free...who can avoid free, especially when it comes to books:)

chica- I know! It was great! I loved the mystery and the intricate wording. What a beautiful read.

medbie- yes, it is amazing. tell me what you think!!

marg- yeah, I need to find another book by him to read. (when I get a handle on my TBR pile!!!)

katrina- I will be sure to check those out! And thank you so much for your review link:)

josette- unique. I loved it! thanks for the link!!! :)

ramya- oh yes. I could see classics slowing even YOU down. ahhh. I need to read some. they scare me.

trish- I do recommend it, it is a sweet, beautiful tale. (and the berries are great!!)

ronda- oh wow. I never even felt that way at all when I read it. That is silliness!

trixie- you have to let me know what you think!!! I can't wait.

iliana- I think you will like this one. Thanks for the recommendation, that title is so weird!! I am very curious about it.

WOW! Thank you all for your super generous comments, this must truly be a well loved book to generate this much love on my blog :) I am so happy. Many thanks!!!

Anonymous said...


I'm a big fan of Paulo Coelho! You will love this! He's the first best-selling
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Have a nice day!


beastmomma said...

I just followed the link and I felt so happy!! Thanks for sharing with us.