Sunday, April 20, 2008

Special Orbis Terrarum Challenger Request!!!

To all of you ORBIS TERRARUMERS out there!! I just received the following message from Jodi, and you can read what it says, if you have any books from the challenge, or internationalish books you've read that you'd like me to email on her way get them to me (by way of commenting on this blog post) before her deadline of April 24th!!! That is only 4 days, so get commenting if you are interested in it. I will send them to her on that day from all of us here is her request:

Hello I write for a bookzine called Estella's Revenge ( and I was hoping you might be able to help me pull together a feature for our 'Travel' issue. I'm popping around various international reading challenges and asking the organisers to tell me what are the best books they have encountered so far in their challenge experience. I would love it if you could let me know what some of your favourite challenge reads have been for the 'Orbis Terrarum' challenge have been and perhaps provide a short sentence about why you have enjoyed them so much.

The goal of this investigation is to get 80 books from around the world into this feature and so go 'Around the World in 80 books' (kind of dorky I know but also kind of fun).

If you'd like to participate please send me your choices by 24th April. If you'd like it would be wonderful if you could ask those taking part in the challenge to help out as well.


Mrs. B. said...

I would have to say The Birth House (Nova Scotia, Canada) has been my favorite thus far. This is why: "Amy McKay's writing is so lyrical it could rock you to sleep if the actual things you were reading weren't keeping your eyes wide with wonder."
Quote taken from my review at

Corinne said...

I saw this over at Book Nut (the Expanding Your Horizons challenge) and totally did it. I can't wait to read the article :)