Friday, April 25, 2008

look at what we orbis terrarum challengers have done!!!

Here is what we, the challengers of the Orbis Terrarum Challenge have completed together!! I took all the links you gave on the "your Orbis Terrarum links to your thoughts post" and this map is what I came up with!! (there are some books that I could not figure out what countries they were for, sorry) But look at the amazing job we have done so far!

There were several countries with more than one, and there still are many with none. 13% of the global nations! Great job ya'll this is exciting stuff!

Oh, and it would be really neat if you would visit the links to the books that our fellow challengers are talking about and reviewing, who knows you may even decide to change one of yours and read the one that they have recommended.
Another thing, I am trying to wait for all of you who are actively doing this challenge to post at least what country you are from, and I can do another map with the nations we all come from. Fun stuff!
Blessed travels! YOU ALL ARE AWESOME!!!


Trish said...

What a fun map! Sierra Leone looks so small compared to all the other red places. :) And can I just say what an awesome challenge hostess you are? You are certainly making this challenge fun and interactive! With some of the others you simply put your name in the Mr. Linky and that's it. Bleh! Haha

Corinne said...

Can I just say you're a great challenge host? It's so comfy and welcoming :)

Samantha said...

I'm from the Netherlands, you can add that country to the list of lands the challengers are from!

Mrs. B. said...

Sierra Leone! Canada! There I am! :)

raidergirl3 said...

The map looks fabulous. What a great idea to show our countries like that.

tricia said...

great job bethany! i love that you added a map. makes so much sense with this challenge, but i hadn't even thought of it. great idea!