Tuesday, January 20, 2009

awards :)

I am long overdue to thank the gracious people who have given me stuff, and to pass these pretty prizes on. Thank you all soooooo much!!

Premios Dardo Award from Jessi at Casual Dread , Lynda(AKA Holistic Knitter!!) at Lynda's Book Blog, and Save Ophelia, three sweet, and of course great bloggers who were well deserved of these awards themselves!!! Thank you so much!!

This is what Save Ophelia had to say, ain't she a gem?! : bethany of B&b Ex Libris - bethany blogs about books, challenges and posts gorgeous pictures on her blog. Hers is one of the most engaging blogs I’ve encountered. Almost every post has something to help readers de-lurk!

This award acknowledges the values that every blogger shows in his or her effort to transmit cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values every day.

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My sweetest Veens, who got this award for the being the kindest and friendliest blog buddy is no question mine as well. Every single day she lavishes kindness on me and tons of bloggers is still honeymooning, well actually she doesn't have internet at her new home. I can't wait for you to get back girl!!
She passed it on to me saying:
Bethany - The Most Human Blogger - She reminds me of my social responsibilties, and is such a warm and encouraging soul. I remember, Bethany and J Kaye used to be my first readers.. and they inspired me a LOT! I heart You, Bethany :)

She also gave me this award on the same day!! Seriously is she too generous with me!?! ;)

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I have been willing this award to be mine for, well since I saw it first. It is so pretty. Last week the amazing blogger Karen of Book Bath unknowingly made me jump up and down when she granted me this stunning award!! THANK YOU!!

Along with the award comes a meme;

7 things I did before

1. Was a hardcore into Kayaking. I was a kayaker!

2. Ate bull testicles (yes, they eat those in Spain...and it is a treat!) YUK!

3. Played the Alto Sax

4. Wanted to join the ARMY

5. Watched McGuiver, The A Team, and The Fresh Prince daily.

6. Journal, I figured I'd want to read it someday...

7. Read

7 things I do now

1. Read

2. Blog

3. Write

4. Clean house

5. Eat Chocolate

6. Love Indian Food

7. Review books

7 things I want to do

1. Travel everywhere.

2. Own a small farm

3. write a novel

4. Have my novel published

5. Read books

6. Enjoy my life daily. (contentedness)

7. give out many Happy Chicken Awards!!

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex

1. Intensity

2. Passionate about something

3. Loyalty

4. Intelligence

5. Nice Hair

6. Strength (mostly inner)

7. Someone who can forgive and allow themselves to be forgiven.

7 Favorite Foods

1. Indian Food: somosas, dal, nan....yum!

2. Thai Food: Yellow Curry, Pad Thai (thai iced tea!!!!!!!)

3. Berries: blueberries, blackberries, marion berries, strawberries.....

4. Chocolate

5. Asian treats: Japanese candy, mochi, sweet cakes....jellies.....yummmm!

6. Comfort food: sticky rice, spanish rice, potatoes, soups, buternut squash...


7 things I Say Most Often

1. Awesome

2. really

3. NO (I have two little kids)

4. So cool!

5. Love you

6. What?

7. Play gently

I am going to pass all these awards on in one lump, so if you are listed below you get all of the awards above:

Veens- I love both of your blogs, you are creative and a very fun and attentive fellow blogger. A joy to have in this community. :) You are sooooo sweet to comment even when I am not so good at getting back to you. You are kind, generous and always thinking of others.

Trish- You post great reviews and then do tons of amazing follow up. I wish I were as good as you at keeping track of my peeps. I enjoy your comments, and as I always mention, you were the one who introduced me to this waky-bloggie world!! It is always fun to see what you are up to next!!

bermudaonion- she is just amazing, she is a super commenter, a super friendly blogger, sweet and all. Her reviews are great and she was even published!!! :)

Claire- I just found out about this blogger....well actually she found me and then we hit it off!! I belive this one is around to stay :) She does great reviews, and has a personal blog with amazing pictures and fun stuff as well. Yay!! I love finding new buddies!!

S. Krishna- I always wish out paths crossed more often because I love visiting her blog and seeing what she has to say about things. A while (long while now) back she posted wedding pictures that are gorgeous, as is she.


Anonymous said...

Awesome...congratulations :)

I enjoyed reading your 7 things...

Trish said...

Oh Bethany--you are too sweet. And kayaking, huh?? Hubby and I are looking into getting a pair of kayaks but don't really know where to start. Any tips? :)

Anna said...


Diary of an Eccentric

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the award and the kind words. You made me blush. Congratulations on your awards - I love your blog because it's so engaging and you bring up some great topics for bloggers to think about.

S. Krishna said...

Congratulations, and thank you so much! I'm really honored by this!

claire said...

Congratulations and thank you!! I would've given you the award too if I found you earlier. :) I think you totally deserve all those you received.. see you again soon, my new friend!

Bellezza said...

My husband ate bull testicles in Germany. He'd eat anything, that man! He would have ordered lion, but it was out of season. Anyway, congratulations on your awards! And, your list is fascinating; quite adventurous!

Anonymous said...

I am so Happy you did accept my awards :D... and you know what you deserve all of them and more :)

Thanks for giving me these awards :) It made my day :) thanks a LOT girlie :)

Hope u have wonderful day ahead :)