Friday, January 16, 2009

Orbis Terrarum Earns its own BLOG!!


The Orbis Terrarum Challenge just earned itself its very own blog! Yes, it was mostly that I sat down to work on links tonight to get all of your reviews in order by country and guess what!?! Mr. Linky is down. I decided since it was on my mind, why not do OT stuff anyway. So you have to head over!!! I will have Mr. Linkys up there soon.

Oh, and I need help....if any of you who did the challenge this year want to step on over and see what you think of the new mini-challenges that would be so cool. I would love advice on those. On everything really!! Head over and make sure to leave a comment or two.

You can get to it from now on by clicking on the Orbis Terrarum Tab above or going here. enjoy!


katrina said...

Hi, I tried to post a comment on the new blog but the comments part wouldn't open. I think I said before that I would be interested in holding a mini challenge for short-stories. Something like travel through 10 countries through 10 short stories during the summer months. I would be happy to supply a few prizes (avaliable internationally) for people who complete the mini challenge.
Oh, and I think that the bookswap sounds a great idea.

Madeleine said...

I also tried to post a coment and couldn't. I will join the mini challenge as I read in several languages and did not know how to present this on my blog. So thank-you for giving me an avenue to this mini problem ;)

I am happy to be back with a brand new laptop, it was a long month without being online.
Have a great week-end Bethany

bethany said...

katrina- thanks for letting me know!! I think I fixed it :)

Yes, you are completely welcome to host a short story mini-challenge. I think during the summer would be an excellent time. You may have to help people out so that they can find some good short stories. Do you know any good websites that list international short stories?

I can't wait!

bethany said...

mdeline- I think I fixed it!! Go check it out if you have a chance and let me know if you like it :)

thanks for letting me know!!


The Holistic Knitter said...

hooray - off to check it out now. Thanks ;0)

katrina said...

I know of a few, and I have some links already for stories from other countries. The time till the summer will give me plenty of time to work it all out.

Trish said...

Love it! Shocker that I'm currently behind in my blogging :P but I hope to have a looksie soon!!

Ali said...

This challenge looks great, I've been reading people's wrap-ups from 2008. I'm trying to decide if it'll break me to add one more. I like all the mini-challenges, too!