Thursday, January 8, 2009

orbis terrarum final deadline and prizes

The deadline for getting your lists of links and reviews to me is going to be the 15th, that gives you a week. I would love the survey answered, but more than anything I would like you to do a wrap up post with the links to all your OT reviews and paste your post link to the MR. linky here.

Then I will be able to compile a list of all the books that we jointly read and link to all of your reviews!!! Wouldn't that be cool!? Even if you didn't finish the challenge you are welcome to get me your links of the reviews you did complete.

Here are the three prize books:

I just thought of this, since some of you mentioned helping with prizes for next year...if you are interested (no pressure) you could send a well loved book or two on as well this time around. You could just let me know about it and I will post your titles as well, then either you could select your winner or I could and you'd send them out directly to the winner.


Happy reading!!

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beastmomma said...

I would be interesting in putting a few books into the pile. At least one can be used for next year's O.T. challenge. I would prefer to e-mail the winner directly.