Sunday, December 14, 2008

snowy sunday salon

I have been mostly working on reading and reviewing so that I will have 100 books complete for this year. I started in March, so I had about three months to catch up to. Anyway, I am currently at 97 and so super excited about it.

But, if you like to cook I have some exciting news for you, I am currently hosting three cookbook type giveaways. Oh, but there is a catch, I want something from you. I want you to post one of your favourite recipes to share with us all on your blog.

Yeah, for more information and to enter the giveaways go here:
Confetti Cakes for Kids (5 copies)
The Flavor Bible (3 copies)
Katie Brown Celebrates (5 copies)

Happy holidays!!!


Literary Feline said...

It sounds like you'll make 100 easy this year! Congratulations!

Have a great week!

Alyce said...

I agree - you should have no problem hitting 100!

Ali said...

Ooh, I missed the Confetti Cakes one. Off to check it out!

Trish said...

100!! Go Bethany!

Anonymous said...

YAY! 100~~~!! Good :)

And u r on a cokoing spree :) I have noticed :)

Serena said...

I've posted the giveaways in my sidebar if that I love the new header by the way...its changed since the last time I clicked through.