Sunday, December 14, 2008

Confetti Cakes for Kids (another review and recipe giveaway!)

Title: Confetti Cakes for Kids
Author: Elisa Strauss with Christie Matheson
Pages: 224
Genre: Cake Cookbook,
Yearly Count b:97

Making confetti cakes now seems so much easier than it did to me before. I am amazed at this book! Confetti Cakes for Kids is filled with the most hardcore cakes I have seen in my life!. I have never made a cake as fancy as these, and even thoguh I am still pretty intimidated to do so, this book brakes down the steps, the tools and the process into a format that I could handle.

Christmas Ornament Cupcakes, Easter Sugar Cookies that are so pretty you would never have the heart to eat them (I have two little boys that wouldn't even give eating them a second thought though!!). My favourite recipe that I HAVE to try, maybe for my littlest's next birthday are the Lollipop Cookies (p. 88) they certainly are the best of both worlds, soft, buttery and sweet and full of pretty bright colours and on a stick! Yes, it really doesn't get much better, does it? YUM!

Just look at the deliciously gorgeous cupcakes!

These would work great during this season these Ornament Cupcakes (p. 125) are stunning.
photo used with permission from Confetti Cakes for Kids, taken by Paul Whicheloe

And just because at this point we need to remember that spring is coming, where bees will buzz and flowers will bloom again. Check out these Garden Mini Cupcakes (p. 115)!
photo used with permission from Confetti Cakes for Kids, taken by Paul Whicheloe

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The giveaway part!!
Here are the details:
-I have 5 copies of Confetti Cakes for Kids to give(thanks to Anna at Little, Brown!!!!)
-Post a recipe (the whole recipe) on your blog, previously posted recipes work as well....but I am looking for some of your favourites here, so please make sure it is a favourite!
-Comment below and paste the link to your recipe in the comments.
-Yes your recipes posted for the other giveaway count, but you will need to comment on THIS post if you want me to count you in on this giveaway (the same recipe is fine unless you are feeling into it, I'd love more recipes!!!)
-You have a week to do it, you can send me your recipes up through the 19th. I will select winners the next day.
- Sorry, only US and Canada and no PO boxes


Ali said...

I want to enter this one too! I have the recipe posted, but I may post another one later today.

jessi said...

I would like to enter this one, too, please! Those ornament cupcakes are beautiful. Here's the link to my recipes (again), but I'll try to come up with some new ones. :)

Stephanie said...

Oh, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE this book! I have the recipe already posted here:

Trish said...

YUM!!! You know, I bought a beautiful cupcake book 2 years ago and have used it once. :( I used to bake frequently but my husband doesn't eat sweets (used to take my baked goods up to school with me for my classmates and students).

Hope you have fun with this one!

The Giveaway Diva said...

i posted recipies here:


Wrighty - said...

This book looks like so much fun! I would love to do these with the kids. I've posted two recipes on my blog from the last two "Sweet Saturday" entries. What great timing! Thanks so much for your contest and happy holidays!

Anonymous said...

darn Beautifullllllll~~~

u r on 97!! fast reaching 100 girl :)

Recipes??? :( wel lets i have none :D :D but i will read Jessi.. I jus read one of it... and is darn easy... i fear i will mess it up :( :)

u having a good time cooking :)

Serena said...

Wow, what a great book! I would love to win this one...

I think for now I will give you the recipe I already posted, but if I get ambitious I'll post another one.

Here's the one you've already seen:

Lori said...

My post on holiday treats:

Jane said...

Ok, how 'bout some homemade ice cream to go with some of that cake?
Here's a great recipe for Coffee Mint Ice Cream.

Kaye said...

My absolute favorite fudge recipe and peanut brittle recipe are listed at
Sweet Saturday happening, where have you been? We still have one more week, please join us.
Enter me in the contest just under the wire please.