Friday, December 5, 2008

Flirting With Forty

Title: Flirting with Forty
Author: Jane Porter
Pages: 368
Yearly Count b: 89

From the first page, this really wasn't my type of book. It is a chick lit, which many times I enjoy, but this read wasn't doing it for me. Jackie, the main woman has recently gone through a divorce with her husband and she is suffering, trying to make up for things with her kids, work harder to earn more money and keep her emotions, well just hidden mostly. She doesn't want her family or friends to know that she is really hurting, hurting for the family comforts she once had. One of her closest friends Anne buys her a trip to Hawaii but then can't make it with her....Jakie will have to make the choice to go alone or stay home in Seattle or head for the sunny beaches with her worst enemy, herself.

The whole book seems so selfish, as if she is making up for all the times she had to choose her kids over herself and her husband over herself and now it is her turn! HAHA, life isn't like that, and it should never be like that. Her kids need her, and she is in this very superficial relationship with a surfer guy in Hawaii. She makes more and more trips over...but the relationship doesn't get any deeper. I don't think that this relationship helps her overcome anything, more than anything it strings her out and takes her away from what really matters.

There aren't many twists or turns in this read, it is pretty straightforward and predictable.Link I felt it was repetitive and like Kai, the surfer guy that she falls for, I was begging her to not mention again how old and out-of-date or wrinkly and stretched out, or saggy she was. Honestly I know some people loved this book, it really just wasn't for me, I couldn't relate at all. I am not young, but I don't feel old, I am not divorced, and with two little monkey running around I am far from lonely, or lacking in physical contact. However, if that is you, if you fit into any of those categories...this would be a book for you, at least I think it would.

Author Website: Jane Porter
Flirting with Forty is going to be aired as a movie on Lifetime tomorrow, December 6th at 9pm/8 central. I think that would be a better format for this material, it just seemed too fickle for a book.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry this book didn't work for you.

Alyce said...

I thought you did a good job of giving a balance review of the book while explaining your misgivings. Nice review!

Anonymous said...

Actually I have read a book named "Dating Game" [ i think] by Danielle Steel [i think] which has a similar story. I read a kind of good review at some place else... and I remembered this particular book again today!
I sometimes like chick-lit, [ i used to love it as a teen] but not like always..!

Though I love the fantasy kind of books the ones written for kids :D

Luanne said...

Hi Bethany - this is the best thing about book tours - all the differing outlooks and opinions on the same piece of work - makes reading/blogging interesting!

Miriam Parker said...

Agreed, Luanne! Appreciate your honesty, Bethany!

Toni said...

I can relate to your honesty. Good review!

.Books by TJ Baff said...

I really enjoyed reading your review...I was a little more leaning your way rather than overly enthused about the book...I did find it quite predictable.
My favourite of Jane Porter's book was Odd Mom Out.
I related more to someone kind of oddballish...LOL

Joanne said...

While I do enjoy some chick-lit, I prefer the type that has some deeper meaning with characters that grow through experiences.
From the synopsis I hoped this would be about the balance between single motherhood and maintaining relationships.
I appreciate your honest thoughts, this seems a bit too fluffy for me.

Allison said...

I appreciate you honest in your review..we all have different opinions about books and life.Thank you for sharing your thoughts!!

Corinne said...

I didn't think I'd like this one, so I didn't join in. I like your review though - you were honest and thoughtful :)

Anonymous said...

Gonna be a great movie


The Giveaway Diva said...

Mmm i thought ur review was good even though u didn't like it!

Nicky said...

what a great review!! it was nice to hear that this book didn't work for you because i like when we get different opinions