Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Green Beauty Guide

Title: The Green Beauty Guide
Author: Julie Gabriel
Pages: 400
Publisher: Health Communications, Inc.
Yearly Count b: 93
Genre: How to do Health and Beauty Organically.

Have you ever been curious about what synthetic cosmetics and cleaners do to your body? Well, if you haven't you should be. I was a little curious, but not ready to change my low-maintenance beauty routine until I got wind of this book, The Green Beauty Guide. I can't get enough of her potions and concoctions that are actually very easy to make and apply. I now know what is going on my face and what it is doing to me.

Okay, I am not one of those you all need to be like me people, in no way am I saying that you should feel guilty for applying your MAC or covergirl if you have it, but I am saying that if you are at all curious about homemade stuff, knowing more about what you are using than thank Julie Gabriel as she has spelled it all out for you in this book. Ahhh, this is a good one. I love it! There is so much that I could share about this book, The Green Beauty Guide.

I am going to put a personal spin on this review. I loved reading it, it takes the focus off of what I can cover up, and calls me to embrace what I look like and the beauty in each of us. There were certainly some "AHA!" moments in reading this book. The first one is under the "Forget about Skin Typing"(p. 137) section saying all of us have imperfect skin, and that the cosmetic industries goal is to keep us buying products. There are no ideal skin types, and our skin will go through phases and constant change. Immediately after this section there is a list of organic options for cleansers based on what you like the best and makes your skin feel the best to you, and then my favourite section on "Making Your Own Cleansers" (p. 150).

There is so much to take away from reading this book, and I know this one will be put to good use in my home. I love making things, and making skin care products and natural cleansers and cosmetics is so much easier than I would have ever expected.

I have loved the bath soaks and salts, here are a couple recipes for you to try, these recipes are directly from The Green Beauty Guide (the pages they are found on are listed below). Enjoy:

Cleopatra Milk Bath (p. 240)
1 cup organic reconstituted or condensed milk

2 tablespoons honey

2 drops vanilla extract
1 drop chamomile essential oil

1 drop lavender essential oil

You can use whole milk straight from the carton in this recipe, and any baby formula works as well.
Blend the ingredients well and use immediately to create a soothing, deeply moisturizing balmy bath.

Yield 4 ounces

Herbal Bath Blends
(p. 243) (great gift idea!!)

Winter Soothing Bath Blend

1/2 cup chamomile flowers
1 cup dried lavender blossoms

1 cup dried fennel seeds

1 cup dried rose petals

This blend soothes dry, wind-blasted skin and aching muscles better and a Swedish massage session! Oat bran nourishes the skin, while rose petals add a warm, luxurious touch.

The best way to use an herbal blend is to put it into a small unbleached muslin (or organic cotton) bag and tie it with a ribbon or string. Just put the bag under running water as you prepare your bath. When you are done bathing, remove the bag, let it dry, then discard the contents and rinse the bag. It's ready to be used again!

Yield 4 ounces

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Anonymous said...

Cool! This book was like everywhere :)
I really like the tips :)

Anna said...

This sounds like a really great book. I don't do much to my skin but wash it with soap, but I'm really interested in homemade cleansers and things like that. Thanks for the review!

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Serena said...

I also enjoyed this book, and I'm very low key with the makeup etc. But I've always been on the lookout for natural ways to make skin look great, etc.

Gabriel does a fantastic job in this one.

Trish said...

After seeing this on Veens I became really interested in it. I don't wear a lot of makeup (although I do like some blush for color and mascara to darken my blonde lashes), and I have to have my face lotion. But I would love to learn more about taking care of my skin and how to give it a little boost--especially in the dry winter months (hello lizard face!). :) I'll have to check this one out!