Sunday, August 24, 2008



Here are the OT winners!
92. Beastmomma (Remembering Babylon--Australia)
156. Bart's Bookshelf (Persepolis - Iran)
127. raidergirl3(Out Stealing Horses - Norway)

Beastmomma gets to pick first, since I drew her name first, then Bart, and then raidergirl3 will get the third book. Also, I will need your addresses so click on the "email me" button beneath my header and send them to me :)
Congrats to you three!!! Way to read you all!

We now have 164 expeditions to places all around the world. Sit tight and I'll get another map up of our travels, and I will also post which nations we are missing just in case you'd like to help us fill up our map.


beastmomma said...

Yes! I am so pumped. I will send you my information right away!!!

raidergirl3 said...

cool! thanks bethany.

bethany said...

beastmomma would like When the Emperor was Divine, so that is the one that is taken so far.

Next up is Bart, I can't wait to see what he picks :)

Bart's Bookshelf said...

Wooot! I'm a winner! :o)

Just sent you an email with my details and choice.

bethany said...

So, Bart selected The Samurai's Garden.

Ramya said...

congrats guys!!:) you must be so excited!:) i know i was when i won a book in the first giveaway..
bethany, can't wait to see the new map! you're such a fabulous challenge organizer!:)